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Face Hunan of pig price wave motion to be about to establish mechanism of sow lo
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On October 14 morning, bureau of aquatic product of Hunan Province pasturage held “ to carry out scientific progress view, stimulative pasturage develops ” informal discussion greatly. Come from politics, the representing of look forward to, silver-colored all circles goes up in the informal discussion speak out freely, discussed actively how to liberate mechanism of thought, innovation, implementation stock raising lasts the problem such as healthy progress.

Mention industry of Hunan Province poultry, the person that attend the meeting thinks to have to mention industry of Hunan Province live pig. According to statistic, the production value of industry of Hunan live pig and crop all occupy the 80% above of stock raising. The person that attend the meeting thinks, of Hunan Province unripePig priceCase and production are periodic wave motion has certain regularity. Experienced bigger wave motion 4 times in all up to now from 1995, average 2—3 year one.

Current, suffer hog production developed swift and violent effect last year, live pig supply increases, bring about live pig to buy valence to drop, but pork retail price is not synchronous fall after a rise, consequently pork consumption increases discomfort, unbalance of market supply and demand, live pig buys the price to drop quickly. In the meantime, pig feedstuff and feed product value rise ceaselessly, buy young pig not less at high price raise door already entered lose money in business to run state.

With respect to the price that raises pig course of study to be faced with currently acuteness wave motion, pig farming faces the situation such as deficit, the difficulty with the to how be being dissolved forthcoming person that attend the meeting, the lasting effect mechanism that establishs healthy stability to expand the line of business that raise a pig made vigorous speech. They suggest to build breed mechanism of sow loss allowance, ensure the sow is balanced production. Build aspic flesh to lay in a mechanism, supportive flesh kind the person that machine enterprise or live pig traffic buys live pig by protective price, ensure farmer interest.

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