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Pig of Fosan this locality had " 2 acting Id "
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FosanWhat this locality breeds is unripePigHave “ 2 acting Id! ” yesterday, reporter fromFosanCity agriculture bureau learns, FosanAlready began oppositePig2 dimension pile up ear mark data to input pilot job, should use only later identify implement aim ear mark one second, unripePigwhole grow archives metropolis be clear at a glance, the citizen also can buy what have safeguard more to be at ease the flesh.

“ this ear mark isPigId. ”Yesterday morning, in Guangdong province pasturage develops head office to arrange animal form of heart Ou Fufu, the identifying that operates personnel to take move resembling interphone implement, allow 2 dimension to pile up ear mark to a bit, identify implement epidemic prevention orgnaization, domestic animal shows on screen advocate, seat and epidemic prevention member a series of breed aquatics such as the full name immune archives. “ archives can be recordedPigFrom be born to enter the immune information during the market is whole. ” should operate personnel introduction.

This controller discloses, FosanAlready began unripePig2 dimension pile up ear mark data to input pilot job, plan to be rolled out in whole town next year. FosanOf consumption unripePigMake an appointment with 2/3 to come from an other place, that other place is strangePigHow monitoring? This chief says, according to deploy of Ministry of Agriculture, countrywide each district is in now begin this work, substandard land is rawPigear mark also finished data input, enterFosanCan check likewise when the market.

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