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" byelaw of slaughter of Hunan Province hog " (edit) include province government
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On October 9, government of Hunan Province people is legislative 2009 planning hearing is held in Changsha, my hall refers " byelaw of slaughter of Hunan Province hog " (edit) included province government hearing of witnesses of hearing of legislative 2009 planning. This hearing is " program of Hunan Province administration sets " promulgate formally after applying, receive the legislative hearing of travel according to the chapter for the first time. According to what apply formally on October 1 " program of Hunan Province administration sets " regulation, the government is great and decision-making should seek public opinion extensively through all sorts of public manner, execute the public to participate in; Construction participates in type administration, cooperative type administration; The right of know the inside story that guarantees people adequately, participate in authority, expression authority, superintendence.

The government that weaves governmental legislation plan is to ought to let the public participate in is major administration is decision-making. At the beginning of September, province government legal system does to collect the announcement of project of legislative 2009 proposal publicly to the society through the media such as website, newspaper, to the province at the same time straight departmental door allots declare the announcement that legislation planned province government 2009. Receive social community to offer legislative proposal item finally 27, the province offers legislative proposal item about the branch continuously 64, include local laws and regulations among them legislative proposal project 40, project of regulations legislation proposal 24, content involves zoology safety, environmental protection and integrated processing, energy conservation, infrastructure program of area of pool of construction and management, long individual plant, quality is supervised, the respect such as construction project, endowment insurance.

On the hearing, legislative project suggests the delegate reported respective legislation to appeal to beg, agree with legislative project to come on stage by social delegate next, perhaps suggest to prove, perhaps defer legislation expresses an opinion, the project suggests square, public is participated in just be represented with attend as a nonvoting delegate and filled in legislative proposal project recommends a watch. The opinion that each public represent will by collect, arrange and study, sign up for province government next standing conference. Whether are these opinions adopted finally, will one by one makes feedback, without the opinion that is adopted, will give out reason. Include the legislation of every project next, still will seek public opinion, from project approving, plan, examine, the decision arrives again announce, each link with legislative 2009 Hunan, open whole journey to the public.

My hall suggests as legislation square, on the hearing the necessity with respect to this project legislation and critical sex made a speech. According to new castigatory of the State Council " hog slaughter regulation " , the circumstance that already will carry out formally on August 1, put forward to going up a law already undertook castigatory premise falls, I save byelaw to should be done be revised accordingly and perfect, introduced the State Council new " byelaw " metabolic content, and old " byelaw " the legal blemish of existence. In pointing out real work at the same time, I save the flesh to taste safe problem to still be highlighted, my province had 2 cases 2007 involve live pig to nod butcher letter to visit incident to make instructions personally by Premier Wen surely hand in undertake investigating and deal with sb by Department of Commerce, in the food safety that the State Council executes special punish acted to save me last year the flesh kind food safety served as Chongzhongzhi to weigh. Because execute the law,still have a few areas it is better that team, funds ensures a problem to did not get fulfil, illicit massacre excessive is slaughtered, behavior of pork of sale affusion, disease is banned repeatedly more than. Live pig examines quarantine, flesh tastes character to examine the system is diseased, guard a pass lax wait for a problem to all need to be in new edit " byelaw of slaughter of Hunan Province hog " in perfect further. Live pig product serves as main necessaries of life, its safety problem affects the face wants to exceed milk powder of “ problem ” , matter to old hundred to surname health of body and mind not only, involve an innumberable families, even the public letter force that the issue involves a government and the safety of live pig industry that I save. Our elaborate those who got the expert that attend the meeting and public delegate to approbate, hopeful includes province government legislative 2009 plan.
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