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Reserve of Hainan live pig manages every 4 months to be updated
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23 days, the reporter understands from hall of province business affairs, my province comes on stage "HainanThe province is provincialLive pigLive body reserve runs temporary measure " point out clearly, I am savedLive pigReserve is updated by the deadline rotate of 4 months, province interior distributes area meat kind the market appears unusual wave motion, or when the case that other need employs, hall of province business affairs is made jointly with province finance hall employLive pigLay in plan.

As we have learned, in recent years, as a result ofHainanLive pigBreed development rapid, in the meantimeHainanIt is national “ does not have ” of epidemic disease area, Live pigQuality is very good. Begin from 2004, HainanBe decided to be a countryLive pigLive body lays in one of base. Complete province shares 11 countries to lay in the flesh vivid cultivate lays in base, be in charge of every year be being supplied to the countryLive pig. Current, choosing Home 8-10 inside complete province limitsLive pigFarm, as firstHainanThe province is provincialLive pigLive body lays in base.

According to introducing, I am savedLive pigReserve is updated by the deadline rotate of 4 months, namely annual 3 rounds. Live pigAfter reserve annulus goes out, bear store the enterprise should plan according to reserve seasonable, with breed, quality, protect qualitative annulus into. Special situation cannot on time annulus enter, approval of hall of business affairs of the province that need a newspaper, province finance hall agrees, employ reserve by do sth without authorization otherwiseLive pigProcessing. Qualitative check unit presses concerned regulation, justice will be finished to examine before every rounds of reserve ends, and to bear store enterprise issue examine transaction

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