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The reporter kisses whole process of sampling observation of all previous live p
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After incident of problem milk powder happens, food safety problem becomes the heat that the society cares once more. Yesterday before dawn, the reporter follows branch of our city aricultural detects personnel, witnessed pork be being gotten on by end before table, a few col of experience.

   Outskirts of a city late night, Live pigMove toward life end

It is this to detect the branch is right of essence of pork lean leanSampling observation, this kindSampling observationUndertake every months. As a result ofLive pigButcher should be in in the middle of the night 12: The junior travel of 00, accordinglySampling observationAlso begin in the late night.

Before dawn 2: 00, we are punctual before setting out, go to smooth hillLive pigShambles, there is the urban district here the pork of 1/3.

Get off, an intense flavour blow on the face and come, nearly 1000 when be faced with “ jungle ”Live pigwail cry is in the suburb of the late night harsh all the more. The shambles of lights brightly lit and quiet urban district form sharp contrast. Here, have more than 600 every nightLive pigBe carried by jobber medium, butcher, make the pork of choose and buy of the citizen in early morning free market of agricultural products.

   Two hours are draw-outLive pigUric sample

  Sampling observationThe preparation before personnel began to detect works. A staff member takes out pyxis of one pile white, one by one number. He tells a reporter, these should be used fill the uric shape that takes a pig, altogether need is draw-out 34, every uric sample needs 3 pyxis.

After preparation, Sampling observationPersonnel wore plastic glove, come to butcher. Be stationed inSampling observationPersonnel piles shining white thing with end of tray of a white, this is just of butcherLive pigCystic, uric sample is obtained from which. TwoSampling observationPersonnel crouchs on the ground, among them one takes a bladder, one is cut open in one aspect of the matter with scissors small mouth, another receives fluid extraction make water with pyxis. Another sampling specimen is 5 pork liver that just cut, same every cent is triplet, put in polybag. After the data of these sampling is brought back, whether does reuse instrument exam contain lean lean seed among them.

   EveryLive pigThe beard before coming on the stage guards a pass via be stationed in a vet

Besides mensal lean lean essenceSampling observation, those who have 3 smooth mountain area is return to be stationed in a vet inside shambles, responsible
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