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Be on guard the countermeasure with live pig acuteness and fluctuant price
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“ pig grain installs the world ” , live pig all through the ages is the serious terrible problem that the issue involves politics, economy and the people's livelihood. Hubei regards the whole nation as live pig advocate produce a province, live pig gives column to measure house whole nation the 6th, 69% what live pig production value holds stock raising production value, pork crop takes the flesh kind 77% of total output, from industry labor 6.5 million person, occupy stock raising the 61% above from industry labor gross.

In recent years, wave motion of live pig price is unusually apparent. Lived to 2006 2005 price of pig live pig is long low fan, vivid pig year average price is every kilogram respectively 7.85 yuan, 7.23 yuan, pig farm (door) breed enthusiasm to fall cereal bottom. What amount of livestock on hand measures is many reduce, bring about to April 2008 live pig price rose continuously in May 2007, the 1st week when apogee appeared in April 2008, achieve every kilogram 17.56 yuan. Hog production looks all the way suitable hold produce and sale all the time the good progress impetus of two flourishing, live pig rises in price, pork rises in price, child the pig rises in price, the big, holds time length of the tall, profit of its price still is belonged to on the history first. But this live pig price rises to also connect innovation to be mixed high to CPI index continuously people lives especially the basic life of group of urban low income brought serious effect. Since last year, the country published a series of support to raise the policy of the pig, rose to raise the enthusiasm of pig door, quantity of live pig amount of livestock on hand is compared the corresponding period increased last year 18% , added a country to increase epidemic disease to prevent accuse strength, the state of hog spurt in prices gets alleviating effectively, fleshy price fall after a rise. Wait as National Day, new year's day, Spring Festival seasonal the arrival that consumes a height, price of flesh of second half of the year can rebound somewhat. Nevertheless, next year produces periodic arrival another times as live pig, fleshy price still has the space that drops further. Accordingly, want price of vigilant live pig to fall to weigh skip to blame reason interval to came 2005 2006 farm (door) reduce amount of amount of livestock on hand in great quantities, slaughter the sow is mixed even child the track of an overturned cart of the pig, bring about the excessive wave motion of live pig price thereby.

Of this verticillate pig price rise substantially, highlight what early-warning of current animal produce monitors a mechanism to be short of break. Accordingly we want deep derive the lesson that reason of live pig blame rose in price last year, vigilant live pig price lasts this year the trend of fall after a rise, with live pig advocate produce area and advocate sell an area to attach most importance to a dot, improve the main produce such as live pig to produce consumptive statistic to investigate the work, build the scientific and efficient early warning system that monitor, cogent strengthen trends of cost of market price case to monitor, the adjusting control that produces produce and sale of pig of governmental information opposite adequately conducts action, should coach particularly farm (door) reasonable arrangement production, expand moderately breed dimensions, prevent occurrence birth overheat, “ became much chop, drive less, nobody is in charge of neither more nor less than the circumstance of ” , avoid market risk, avoid big cases to fall greatly.
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