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Transfer into of kind of pig quarantine supervisory plan make and use practice
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See child prices of pig, fat hog rises all the way tall, economic benefits is considerable, a few people purchase kind of pig blindly, introduce at high price from nonlocal flower even. Because they are lacked,concern the relevant knowledge that introduces kind of pig and provision, kind the segregation with be not adopted certain again after the pig is excellent and epidemic prevention measure, make epidemic disease also as kind of the pig transfer into enter place together, brought needless pecuniary loss to the individual not only, still affect a big, make the place raises pig course of study to suffer undesirable effect. The real case that oneself join Heilongjiang to visit close hill town is mixed kind of concerned regulation that the pig transfers into, talk about oneself view, breed door is drawn lessons from and consult in order to make offerings to.
Transfer into kind of pig quarantine supervisory plan
Output ground circumstance investigation. ① should investigate what should transfer into to plant above all pig breed, amount. Ground of ② investigation output is planted the area has all round the pig without hair sick condition, want investigation 3 years to come on phyletic, time, limits and harm degree. ③ outputs the sort of animal of the epidemic prevention circumstance of the ground, immunity, plant especially the immunity of the pig is actual circumstance, should examine to the spot child pig immunity record is true, immune time and the breed with vaccinal immunity and mark circumstance, master first-hand material, accomplish know fairly well.
Buy the option of the circumstance
① chooses to have reputation above all, had better go to the farm that breed large family or has certain dimensions seed selection pig.
② is undertaken to kind of purchased pig by technical personnel whole process is supervised.
Kind of pig with good to the choice ③ , accord with those who make kind of pig standard to want to chase a head to have individual checkup, accord with standard and kind of healthy pig reentry to buy concentration all right.
Kind the concentration of the pig immunity and quarantine
① had better be centered to to undertake the immunity with vaccinal disease of pig foot-and-mouth disease, La Er injects afresh to kind of bought pig.
② is opposite the quarantine with kind of petty ill virus that the pig should collect blood to become cloth disease and pig. Can adopt flat and reaction of test tube agglutinate and adsorption of enzymatic couplet immunity to experiment, make lab inspection.
After ③ inject foot-and-mouth disease and blue ear disease are vaccinal, kind after the pig keeps apart observation 21 days, often change via quarantine as good as again, healthy just can prepare to carry.
The following should get ready before assembling a car
① moves proceed with add, include to issue car of animal certificate of approval, carriage animal to disinfect proof and proof of the area that be not epidemic disease.
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