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Hunan white pig
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This pig is planted is Hubei province is in " 75 " , " 85 " during, new strain of the lean lean that breeding goes pig, this pig is planted have productivity can good, genetic stability, be able to bear or endure thick raise, kitten is much, grow it is good that fast, lean lean leads tall, flesh to pledge wait for a characteristic, get the welcome of generator and consumer.
Via producing sow litter average kitten is counted 12 - 12. 5, 180 days of age body heft fatten pig90 kilograms, rate of body lean lean amounts to 57.5 % , with Hunan white sow is maternal the pig of miscellaneous actor commodity that restrains production of boar cross form a complete set with introduced Du Luo falls in medium nutrition condition, after be born 160 - 170 days of age body heft90 kilograms, weightening finish of fatten period day 0. 7 kilogramsAbove, makings flesh is compared for 3. 0 - 3. 2: L, body lean lean leads 60 % - 63 % , pig of more miscellaneous than 3 yuan of general goods raises lean lean to lead 5 - 7 percent, already accumulated promotion in Hunan Province bedding face now, the part still popularized Guangdong and other places

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