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In fork black pig
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1, constitutional appearance

In whole body of fork black pig is by wool and skin black, extremely individual have palm fibber, body human body shallow, bust compares long, bosom body length is small 15 centimeters, size waits in the head, mouth tube length is straight, forehead has distinct lozenge lines, ear big pitch, back waist is flat, the abdomen is big and not flagging. The tit is 7 pairs commonly, limb hoof is strong, human body is owed a bit after plump.

2, manufacturing function

The sow is produced first average kitten 8.85, be born first heavy average 1.28 kilogram, 60 days ablactation weight 18.07 kilogram, via producing a sow average kitten 12, be born first heavy average 1.19 kilogram, sow lactation performance is good.

In raise a circumstance to fall commonly, 6 months form hefts fatten pig 90 kilogram, 600 grams control average day weightening finish, feed changes rate 1: 3.3 ~ 3.5, slaughter of hog of fatten of 90 kilogram weight is led 71% , lean lean leads 50% above, fat is thick 2.8 centimeters the following.

With in fork black pig is a foundation, guide Du Luo overcomes pig blood, new strain has li of bred fork black pig breed leads force of tall, disease-resistant the good performance that strong, flesh has pledged, development grows in the meantime fast, lean lean leads tall, feed to change rate is high.

With in pig of new strain of fork black pig is female parent, wait for pig cross with long white, big York, weightening finish of day of hog of crossbred and unborn fatten 800 grams above, feed changes rate in 1: 3 the following.

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