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Su Tai pig
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㈠ breed Yo is become


Su Tai pig is count with the kitten on the world most too new pig of the Chinese lean lean that lake pig breeds for the foundation pig is planted, maintained too the high progenitive performance of lake pig and flesh are qualitative delicious, adaptability is strong wait for an advantage, with outside kind boar cross, have grow fast, lean lean leads speed tall, crossbred advantage is distinct wait for a characteristic, it is the ideal female parent that produces pig of lean lean commodity, see a picture.

Su Tai pig is by center of breeding of Suzhou city Su Tai pig (show Su Tai group) new breed of the Chinese lean lean that aether lake pig breeds for the foundation pig, passed appraisal of achievement of science and technology 1995, carried variety of national cultivate birds 1999 the new breed of authorized committee is authorized. Su Tai pig obtains national science and technology to progress early or late as achievement of science and technology second-class award, former state committee of planning, committee of science and technology, Ministry of finance combines prize of issued achievement of great science and technology, first prize of progress of science and technology of Ministry of Agriculture, jiangsu saves agrotechnical promotion first prize, the multinomial award such as first prize of progress of Suzhou city science and technology.

㈡ constitution appearance

Whole body of Su Tai pig by wool black, ear is medium size, before hang down, face has shallow grain, the mouth is medium long and straight, limb is strong, back waist is flat, the stomach is little, hind human body is plump, the structure is well-balanced, have feature of apparent lean lean pig. Effective tit 7 pairs of above. Little part pig has jade bazoo (nose Duan Bai) .

㈢ produces property

1, grow development

Ablactation 50 kilogram of ~ level, 570±25.6 of day weightening finish is overcome, 710±28.8 of weightening finish of day of 90 kilogram phase overcomes 50 ~ .

2, progenitive function

Via producing a sow head of average kitten 14.5±1.06, young yield work counts 13.78±0.98 head, 35 day age ablactation weight is 7.85±0.56 kilogram.

3, fattening function

Amount to 90 kilogram day age is 178±3.45 day, fatten period feed is changed rate for 3.11.

4, body character

Rate of body lean lean is 56.10%±1.32, inside flesh adipose be as high as 3% , incarnadine and bright red, the flesh is qualitative delicious, delicate and juicily, fertilizer is thin measurable, suit cook habit of the Chinese and taste.
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