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Liaoning black pig
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Liaoning black pig is by northeast the local breed that becomes via acclimatization of 40 one's remaining years after civilian pig and Berkshire cross. This breed has adaptability strong, progenitive force tall, flesh has pledged wait for excellent feature. Cent of Liaoning black pig is red east black pig, answer county black pig, prosperous graph black pig and south stage black pig 4 kind group, among them red east black pig kind group most, occupy above of half of whole Liaoning black pig about.

Liaoning black pig 4 kind group bodily form appearance is similar, its characteristic is: The constitution is strong, the structure is well-balanced, head size moderate, ear pitch is a bit flagging, the mouth is a bit long, face straight or slightly sunken; Body waist is long, the shoulder is medium wide, back waist is flat, kao ministry tilts slightly, abdomen is small hang down; Limb is tall, limb hoof is solid, mao Sechun is black, tit 7 pairs of above, arrange orderly; Grown boar is average body length 163.7 centimeters, bust 146.4 centimeters, weight 210.8 kilograms; Grown sow is average body length 155.8 centimeters, bust 146.4 centimeters, weight 203.9 kilograms.

Liaoning black pig is the biggest the characteristic breeds namely performance is good. After be born commonly 4 - 5 months, weight 50 - 60 kilograms of sexes are mature, 7 - 8 months begin hybridization; Oestrus cycle is 19.8 days on average, oestrus lasts period 85 - 98 hours, gestation 115.14 days; The sow is produced first average kitten counts 12.8, crude pit weighs 12 kilograms first, 50 days ablactation the nest weighs 126 kilograms, the nest survives 10.94; Via producing a sow average kitten counts 14.98, crude pit weighs 12.6 kilograms first, 50 days ablactation the nest weighs 139 kilograms, the nest survives 11.46. Existence of Liaoning black pig grows slow (580 - 680 grams) , lean lean rate is low (body lean lean leads 50 % to control) defect, but show wonderful crossbred advantage. Liaoning black sow and big York summer, long white, Du Luo overcomes cross to produce " make an appointment with black " , " long black " , " Du Hei " binary cross sow, have maternal instinct strong, kitten is much, grow fast, benefit is good wait for excellent feature. Average kitten counts 14.5, 50 days ablactation weigh 168 kilograms, weightening finish of day of offspring of 3 yuan of cross 798 grams, makings flesh compares 3.1: 1, body lean lean leads 63 % above.

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