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Feed a pig to go up " 3 should not be "
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1 blue material and product are unfavorable and single feed a swine

Want to achieve the goal of fast fatten, blue material must match the product of 40% . Product uses total value material for general pig namely, the rice bran of polished glutinous rice of 10% can be joined in feed. When raise is fed, feed product first commonly, feed blue material again, everyday 4, it is beautiful with the dispose of inside half hours every time, use this kind of method everyday weightening finish 800 grams.

2 grain feed feeds a pig to should not be add water

Have many farmer when feeding a swine with grain feed, still mix like feeding all sorts of pink to expect, add water to mix first congee, some rushs to expect or be thoroughlied cook in boiler with boiled water even, this cannot reflect the advantage of grain feed not only, still can make grain feed nutrition is destroyed. Total value cooperates to machine of feed of grain of powdery makings classics squelchs and become grain feed. It and powdery makings photograph are compared, it is good to have dainty sex, digestive rate is high, incidence of a disease is low, collect appetite big, domestic rate grows rate is rapid, feed pay is advanced characteristic.

3 pumpkin leaf is unfavorable feed a swine

Poisonous fact is nitrite in pumpkin leaf toxic, if weather is long fine, after raining suddenly, pumpkin cane leaf absorbed the nitric acid salt of slue and nitrite from inside earth, had not digested use, cut right now will feed a swine incidental toxic, so, should not be commonly with pumpkin Xie Lai feeds a swine.

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