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Kunming pork price falls again whether " inflection point " remain to observe
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“ pork price fell again, comparing of a few phase of the moon fell in front of nearly 5 money! ” lives in Ms. Liu of the road austral Kunming official to tell a reporter.

On September 13 morning, the reporter visits Kunming each free market of agricultural products and each are big inside city supermarket discovery, on the market ever all the way the pork price of raise begins fall after a rise.

Yunnan province hair changes appoint price point discloses about personnel, from this year the last ten-day of a month will have Yunnan pork price in May somewhat fall after a rise, and descendent trend predicts to will hold period of time.

Shop of booth selling the meat surrounds full client

In the morning 9 when, be worth a citizen to buy the fastigium of dish, the reporter comes to free market of agricultural products of the Lu Fude austral the official, discover this market traffics porky to spread out fleshy citizen is bought before shop front wall became full, the booth of a surname poplar advocate introduce, pork price falls continuously recently, a lot of citizens are taking the advantage of this opportunity to buy a few kilograms to put more excellent in putting.

Partial market distributors is mirrorred, after pork depreciates, the stream of people before stall is apparently much. “ pork is cheap, bought person is much also, it is good before that our business should be compared do a few. ” one forest surname business door to tell a reporter, at present pork retail price is compared every kilograms low April 56 yuan, day sales volume increases 100 kilograms or so than April.

Subsequently, the reporter is headed for respectively again shut village of peace of road of vegetable terminal market, Beijing free market of agricultural products and the supermarket such as Le Fu of home of the way austral Wo Erma of trade of free market of agricultural products, nation, around the city, in the process of seek by inquiry, reporter discovery, the pork non-staple food such as the ham bowel in many supermarkets, bowel that bake tastes sale price to also give the case that drops now, “ pork than going up every kilograms the month dropped a many money. ”A sell member of supermarket of trade Wo Erma is opposite the country the reporter says.

The reporter notices at the same time, at present the price of chicken, hotpot, beef still keeps stable. Because the citizen still is given priority to with pork, other flesh kind consumption is finite, market price case does not have sensitive fluctuate.

It is pork products has many sales promotion activities, many manufacturer are right pork bowel kind the product undertakes benefit is sold letting or bind a sale, covert reduced social status.
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