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China raises new era of push forward of pig course of study
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King boat accepts vice president of new hope group when interviewing, express, the following competition is the competition of industrial catenary. Did the course of study that raise a pig enter the period that industrial catenary competes really? Mai Yueyi shows general manager of limited company of group of food of Guangdong the Yangtse River, the development of the industry that raise a pig is dimensions is changed necessarily, the industrial catenary form that intensive changes.

Not complete industry catenary

Industrial catenary, this word divides trade public figure to greater part probably for, as if distant still, but the company that has on industrial catenary several link is early actually beside.

Mr Wang of Zhan Jiang is a bigger feed agency before 1997. 1997, below the help of feed business, mr Wang built a pig farm of hundreds of sows, at that time, this has been a pig farm that has dimensions quite. 2003, mr Wang tentative idea builds a shambles in place, although till today, shambles has not built. But Mr Wang is in ten years a chain of the industry that raise a pig that building oneself undoubtedly: Shambles of — of hoggery of?mdash; of  of  of pry free time. Similar case is raising pig industry to be able to be found everywhere, this is the most primitive probably, catenary of the simplest the industry that raise a pig.

If observe home raises the development process of pig industry again, earlier dimensions is changed, intensive turns pig farm is branch of each district foreign trade or build of provision section investment mostly, hoggery — shambles (foreign trade exports) , this also is catenary of simple the industry that raise a pig. Currently also a classification seems the industry of the form that raise a pig, if company of imports and exports of food of Guangdong luck prosperous is mixed east enter farming herd (Hui Dong) limited company, subordinate besides owning pig farm, still have a processing factory, can machine flesh glacial delicacy and refrigerant flesh exit, limited company of food of Hunan Wei grand also owns much home pig farm.

The ” of “ company farmer that breeds enterprise or feed business to carry out to what be a delegate with Wen again, also be catenary of a kind of industry actually is outspread: Drug of feed, breeding, animal (company) — breed aquatics (farmer)

After pig high fever is ill 2006, the fluctuation of poultry industry swims the company invests the course of study that raise a pig in succession, the ” of project of pig of first-born of “ ten million that is like group of mind of person of Hunan the Tang Dynasty, pluvial embellish, double the plan …… that collects investment to raise pig employment

These are domestic companies the chain of intended, the industry that raise a pig that forms innocently, although these industrial catenary still do not calculate,going up is complete, it is the one fraction in industrial chain merely even, but the embryo that had industrial catenary undoubtedly. Can say, the industrial catenary of the course of study that raise a pig is put early in, but the age that whether had entered industrial catenary competition, make conclusions to still be vogue now early.
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