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From numerous self-fertile hoggery still money earns
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Suffer the stimulation of expensive pulp price, because raise the farmer that pig benefit is differred and changes his profession,returned to old trade before a few years last year, raise large quantities of young pigs, the farmer that never has raised a pig repeatedly also is raised removed a pig. But be less than a year, the course of study that raise a pig encounters " cold current " . Recently, the reporter discovers when acting according to and other places of lake of Hua Shangtian, Chun to interview, dimensions farm and the large family that raise a pig, the owner that runs pig farm newly especially is anxious for the market of at present. Give terminal of vet of the pasturage that turn city presiding Miao Guocun warns farming ability expert raise pig door, ten million of filling column of near future pig farm should take care, must not raise a pig blindly.

Act according to change appear many 300 hoggery

"Last year, when young pig price is top every kilograms sell 43 yuan, the one young pig price that the head weighs 25 kilograms amounts to on 1000 yuan. By last year, pork price is climbed considerably litre, every kilograms are as high as 34 yuan, country for a time arisen the heat that raise a pig. " Introduction Miao Guocun, sheet is acted according to turn the pig farm that appeared to raise 50 above live pig 370, 1000 above hoggery 16, 10 thousand hoggery 1.

Because live pig gives the grow in quantity of column and nonlocal pig impact, this arisen " the heat that raise a pig " good times don't last long. Will rise this year in May, price of pig of our city wool from highest when every kilograms fall 19 yuan 13 yuan of present, pork price from every kilograms fall 34 yuan to reach 22 yuan to 20 yuan. "Act according to turn city the live pig this year gives column to already amounted to about 90 thousand, and the live pig that flows into from Henan achieves more than 40 thousand. " Miao Guocun is analysed, because this locality citizen likes to eat lean lean pork, but this locality raises pig door to gain benefit the biggest change, the fleshy pig that gives column is controlled every in 125 kilograms commonly, more than 150 heavy kilograms, some pork are particularly fat, be forced export.

Additional, of pork price drop quickly, let " filling column " breed door also encountered a loss. This year first half of the year, bright and beautiful screen is street the live pig that a large family that raise a pig purchased every to make an appointment with 100 kilograms again 500 bull, wool pig every kilograms of price 15.8 yuan, raise every when him when 150 kilograms of above sell, wool pig sells 12.4 yuan every kilograms only, raise incessantly of pig door complain of suffering. Village of Ao of waistcoat of Chun lake town raises pig large family to because price of live pig filling column is too high,also appear severe loss.

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