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Situation of the epidemic disease that raise a pig is grim strengthen be on guar
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Indulge in wilful persecution two years long send disease of ill sex La Er high to be asked for integratedly, ever let pig farming people become terror-stricken at the news. 2008, the epidemic disease situation that raises a pig is very grim still. Look from current condition: Although pig farming people because of the La Er disease last year the shadow strengthened epidemic prevention measure, go solstitial today seasonal the disease if gastroenteritis of epidemic diarrhoea, infectivity, pant disease not only relatively in former years is done not have abate, and have strengthened sign. The disease of a few tall below condition of warm wet climate hair also shifts to an earlier date presence. At present child pig survival rate is inferior, a few it seems that not refractory disease also becomes very intractable.
The first, this kind of state is the continuance that sends disease of ill sex blue ear high before two years to be asked for integratedly. From before experience looks, a kind of harm is great, and the general and popular rule of the epidemic disease that makes do hard below existing manpower condition is: The eruptive popularity that is evil acute above all causes many acute death, it is then a little the popularity with more universal assuasive, next the pig is planted through what natural selection has the gene that fight a gender only group form, or nature of pathogeny poisonous force is reduced and appease gradually. The craze that causes disease of blue ear of ill sex pig high enters the 3rd year, should enter the 2nd phase, namely " what mix larghetto is more general " popular phase. This disease still has no reliable method to control at present, and this disease is more serious immunity controls sexual disease, add the resurgence of the enlarge craze that in recent years other immunity restrains sexual disease to ask for virus integratedly like cirque virus, breath and swine fever popularity, appear so afore-mentioned cases are not strange.
The 2nd, raise a pig to produce the change of means. Of the pig live the environment produced apparent change, because intensive is changed,high density raises means to make the pig is in undesirable environment only for a long time in; On breeding direction, people is excessive emphasize rapid growth need and ignored breed fight go against a gender; Nutrient supply is drab, the abuse of the antibiotic in feed production waits all sorts of elements a moment to cause serious harm to the integral health level of the pig. This kind of state raises a pig as our country course of study strides to modernization stage by stage and day is shown serious.
The 3rd, from south of the beginning of the year calamity sex climate begins, the characteristic with changeful this year climate is preliminary already show. Below the condition that exists in blue ear virus, the pig abstains from quite only all sorts of answering stimulate an element, in weather variation acuteness and frequent circumstance falls, it is bigger that swinery should stimulate the risk that causes a disease.
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