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Cause the error using drug of disease of blue ear of ill sex pig high
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The characteristic that causes disease of blue ear of ill sex pig high is " 3 tall one low " , namely temperature tall, incidence of a disease tall, mortality tall, cure rate is low, prevention and cure is very difficult, course of study of meeting provisions pig causes huge loss. Prevent in malady of current pig high fever in controlling a process, have a lot of errors notable.
"Epidemic prevention " namely " hit inoculation " , can " stitch installs the world "
Current farm, no matter its scope magnitude, right " epidemic prevention " understanding rate is higher, the sort of phenomenon that rejects immunity had seen rarely in the past. But a lot of people are right " epidemic prevention " understanding is very one-sided still, think " epidemic prevention " namely " hit inoculation " , feel OK " stitch installs the world " .
Actually, "Epidemic prevention " it is 3 when be aimed at epidemic disease popularity essential element: Catch way of source, transmission and impressible thing, adopt attack kill come on and recessive infection animal, undertake alexipharmic keeping apart quarantine, right what impressible content has all sorts of measure such as immune inject is integrated, with the notional connotation that builds farm biology safety it is identical. True " epidemic prevention " , besides undertake in the light of corresponding animal epidemic disease immunity injects, outside protecting impressible content, adopt relevant measure to eliminate even infect source and cut off transmission way, build quarantine, segregation, disinfection, close to raise and be entered completely go out completely wait for an administrative system, can purify all sorts of epidemic disease inside field, form biology safety protective screen, the introduction of the epidemic disease outside preventing.
The transmission way of epidemic disease is pathogen by come on animal and recessive infection animal, hit the pass of impressible content, cent is direct with come on the direct contact that the animal, animal that take poison contacts is infected and with come on, the secretion of the animal that take poison, excrement and urine, raise administrative appliance to wait for the medical contacts that carries cause of disease to contact to infect.
The transmission way that causes disease of blue ear of ill sex pig high is very much, the secretion of ill pig, seminal, fecal the carrier that waits to be able to become virus to travel, through after respiratory tract, enteron is contacted, all can be being affected. But this virus the resistance to environment is not particularly strong, basically rely on to contact infection directly.
Ensure the key that concentrates work of dimensions raise nurturance builds scientific epidemic prevention system namely, strict disinfection, kill insect, destroy rat, reduce the pollution of pathogen, utmost ground cuts off transmission way, the happening that reduces epidemic disease odds. Among them the most important is to build comprehensive, periodic to disinfect a system, eliminate increases because of raising the addition of density pathogen pollution, also control all sorts of ab extra pathogen pollution at the same time, and dung corrupt the chemical pollution that cause, build a clean, safe environment that raise a pig. Also want control to have nothing to do at the same time personnel and car enter manufacturing area, other creature also is not raised inside pig farm.
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