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The precaution of young pig yellow dysentery is treated
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Young pig yellow dysentery calls early hair sex coliform organisms disease again, be by certain serum model coliform organisms causes first contagion of a kind of acute of foal pig, deadly sex. Main symptom is a feature with eduction yellow rare dung and acute death. Analyse check has enteritis and septicemia change, some does not have apparent pathological change.

This disease is in our country more area and pig farm have happen, have commonly: O8: K88, k99, o60: K88, o138: K81, o139: K82, o141: K88, k85, o45, o115, o147, o101, the serum such as O149, great majority of these bacterium individual plant can form alvine toxin, can cause a young to the pig comes on and die.

Diagnostic point

1, popular characteristic basically counts a hour after be born to 5 day age pig of less than young comes on, with 1-3 day age sees more most, the young pig of a week above comes on rarely. Fatten pig, fat pig, grown fair sow disappears come on; In kitten season often can make pig of a lot of broods of youngs comes on, invention of pig of every broods of young is highest can amount to 100% ; With incidence of a disease of pig of kitten of place of sow of the first embryo highest, mortality is tall also.

2, health is returned when pig of young of the symptom that face examine is born, fast person come on suddenly after several hours and die. Ill pig is main the symptom is to pull yellow dysentery, dung submits maize sample mostly, embedded curd flake, suitable anus flows, mucky mark does not leave more all round its, easy by negligence. When next dysentery are heavy, gilt pussy is most advanced can appear gules, hind legs by mucky fluid flyblow; Depressed of spirit of pig of sick young animal, do not suck the breast, dehydration, insensible and dead. Urgent person do not see next dysentery, body weakness, fall down insensible death.

3, analyse check change is main pathological changes is inflammation of sex of gastric bowel catarrh. Expression is strut of alvine mucous membrane, hyperaemia or haemorrhage; Gastric mucous membrane is red; Hyperaemia of alvine film lymph node is intumescent, tangent plane is juicily; Heart, liver, kidney has denaturation, the person that weigh has haemorrhage place.

4, bacterial depart and appraisal are taken fresh before dead pig small intestine paragraph content content, vaccinal Yu Maikang is fostered base on, carry take gules bacterium colony to make haemolysis experiment and biochemical test, or with serum of appraisal of serum of coliform organisms factor model.

Method of prevention and cure

Treat defend a principle: Discovery breeds young pig contracts disease of young pig yellow dysentery directly, what should breed to entire pit young pig has remedy is preventive cure
Cite medicaments has: Flesh notes Ennuosha sanded star of third of annulus of star, second radical, gentamicin (anthology one) , add note head of 1ml/ of fluid of compound vitamin inject. O of amidine of sulphanilamide of profess to convinced. 5 grams add pyrimidine of ammonia of armour oxygen benzyl 0. 1 gram, every time every kilogram weight 5, 10 milligram, a day 2; Fluid of Qing Zengan inject every time O of every kilogram weight. 2 milliliter, a day 2, or profess to convinced.
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