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The prevention and cure of sow endometritis
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The sow is postpartum a kind of the endometritis is progenitive sow common disease, change pig farm and the blooded sow easy hair that introduce with dimensions especially, if processing is undeserved, great to producing a harm. According to data statistic, oestrus abnormal or defer oestrus, match infecund sow repeatedly because suffer from an endometritis,80% above are.
Hair cause of disease because
Advocate if the uterus is local,suffer a bacterium to affect, happen at more postpartum after day or a few abortion. Inducement is as follows: ① sow produces injury of the vagina in subroutine, pollution; The afterbirth when sow be difficult to do does not fall, uterine emergence or afterbirth fragment remaining, the lochia when the uterus atonies stops; ② test-tube disinfection is lax, mucous membrane of path of the reproduction when hybridization is injured by mechanical sex, the reproductive organ of boar or seminal fluid have phlogistic sex secretion; ③ sow is excessive emaciated or the constitution is poor, resistance drops, follicular hormone is lacked, corpus luteum hormone is overmuch, the original blame pathogenic bacteria inside sire path causes disease; ④ sow constipation, on one hand remain of excrement and urine is inside large intestine, extruding is produced, cause difficult labor, on the other hand the sow is discharged not free, time of the remain inside bowel is long, benefit breeds in great quantities in excrement and urine at the bacterium, raised the possibility that the sow is affected; The environmental sanitation difference with burning hot and seasonal ⑤ , disinfection is not strict, also be to bring about the inducement that come on.
Clinical symptom
Clinical on can divide for acute endometritis and chronic endometritis two kinds:
Acute endometritis is sent more at postpartum or after abortion, ill pig temperature is elevatory, decrease feed or do not feed, do not wish to stand up, companion has micturition action, often exert duty, be accompanying exert duty from the rufous sticky night that takes a stink or purulent sex secretion are poured out of inside the vagina, some clip have afterbirth fragment.
Chronic endometritis often is transformed by acute endometritis and come, systemic symptom is not apparent, breast of appetite, secrete is decreased a bit, lie hoar, yellow is poured out of from inside the vagina when the ground sticky stiff secretion, when standing, do not see mucus is poured out of, what secretion arrives it is thus clear that all round the pussy is scabby. In addition ill pig still behaves angular, oestrus abnormal or delay, return affection to lead heighten.
Strengthen raise management, offer the ration with balanced nutrition, enhance sow disease-resistant ability.
Do well the clean sanitation that delivery room column sheds the put oneself in another's position that reach a pig and alexipharmic job, do good childbirth sow receive produce, aid produce the job, avoid bacterial classics to produce infection, ensure afterbirth is all eduction.
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