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Kind of disease of rash of pig blister sex differentiate reach prevent make step
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Rash of pig blister sex is the virus sex contagion that a kind of acute that causes by poison of pig blister exanthema heats up a gender and has high infectivity. The mouth that main feature is a pig, nose, mammary gland and hoof ministry form blister sex pathological change. Any ages and breed pig feel easily come on, ill transmission is very rapid, often make inside 2 ~ 3d whole swinery is affected, ill pig drops fat quickly. Poison of pig blister exanthema belongs to RNA (ribonucleic acid) virus division, embed a cup of virus to belong to, already discovered 15 serum model, cannot alternate immunity, have A, B, C, D4 commonly model, the mutinous force of virus and foot-and-mouth disease photograph are similar, but to high temperature mutinous force loses,

1 clinical symptom

This disease is preclinical for 18 ~ 48h, temperature rise of the body at the beginning of disease arrives high 40.6 ℃ ~ 41.8 ℃ , continuously high fever 24 ~ 72h, the bazoo after several days dish, occurrence blister of ministry of lip, oral cavity, hoof, the place skin such as the tit of lactation sow, sufficient ministry also appears blister and damage, sexual blister quality is delivered first ashen, diameter 3 ~ 30mm, tall 10 ~ 20mm, cover serous sex liquid. Contain a large number of virus, press blister a bit namely burst, show achieve a face, rhinioscope blister often diffuses affect lip, some hoof ministry strut, ache is serious, action difficulty, with genu touchdown, or lie the ground does not rise, serious dry scab falls off. Rate of grown pig die in one's bed is very low, rate of die in one's bed of lactation young pig is high. Be pregnant sow of pig abortion, lactation is galactic decrease.

2 pathology change

Main pathological change is blister, beginning is skin small area bleachs, form cadaverous apophysis then, be formed as blister and expand. Epithelial as detached as base layer, form to have crack the gules focus of a disease of epithelial fragment. Pathological changes is polluted by excrement and urine normally, bring about conditional bacterium afterwards to send infection thereby. Hoof department pathological change often is accompanied have phlegmon, continuously oedema, bring about gammy.

3 kinds of disease are differentiated

This disease has the particularity such as infection of apparent blister, high fever, only pig on the symptom, diagnose more easily, but recessive infect a barely to decide from clinical symptom. And, stomatitis of sex of blister of disease of blister of foot-and-mouth disease, pig, pig 3 person syndrome written complaint is extremely similar, distinguish very hard, combine experiment and serum to counteract experiment of experiment, indirect immunity fluorescence to wait through lab complement only to be diagnosed correctly come diagnose.

This disease produces 3.1 pigs foot-and-mouth disease more Yu Qiu, winter, spring freezing season, often show craze. Analyse check heart submits tiger spot form, vaccinal rat of 9 days of age breast reachs 2 day age, 7 ~ lacteal hare all comes on.
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