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The precaution of pig second head reachs cure
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Pig Japan encephalitis calls epidemic encephalitis again, it is animal of a kind of acute that causes by Japanese encephalitis virus, person contracts infection in all. Ill pig basically behaves gravid sow abortion, produce stillborn foetus, boar spermary is intumescent, a few pig has neurosis state. Virus is not strong to heat and solar resistance, lysol of commonly used pH indicator with carbolic acid, all can kill its inside several minutes.

1. cause of disease

Second head virus is belonged to wrap around yellow virus of velar virus division is belonged to, show spherical, diameter 20 ~ 30nm, core contains sheet RNA, have garment case. There is blood to coagulate in surface of lipoprotein bursa film element is pricked dash forward, can the animal red blood cell such as agglutinate chicken, goose, sheep. Antigen sex is stable, but the odd clone antibody that in recent years the report neutralizes effect in order to have (McAb) detect when the second head virus of home of 15 individual plant, can be its cent 4 antigen group. After person and animal contract this virus, all produce complement to combine antibody, counteract antibody and blood to coagulate restrain antibody.
This virus is in outside ambient resistance is not strong, 56 ℃ 30 minutes or 100 ℃ can destroy 2 minutes vivid. But very strong to microtherm and dry resistance, law of dry of the freeze-dry that use ice is insurable in 4 ℃ freezer put several years.

Japanese encephalitis virus, with virus of st. louis encephalitis, virus of encephalitis of Chinese ink tired river valley and on the west Nero virus is congeneric compound group, all contract virus in all for person harbour, but only this disease has to domestic harbour send ill sex apparently.
The pig is Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) in nature the most important enlarge adds an animal. Be pregnant this defect is very serious in the sow, because infection brings about stillbirth and other and progenitive obstacle; The boar of infection shows spermary acute inflammation. After the horse is affected, in central nervous system (CNS) produce ill damage, similar disease damage civilian discovery is mixed at the ass monkey. Show in other animal middling inferior the infection that face examine.

2. epidemiology

This ill geography divides East Asia of layout be confined to, peninsula of the eastpart part of Japan, Russia, Korea, China (include Taiwan province and Hong Kong) , the Zhu Guojun such as southeast Asia, South Asia and Pacific Ocean islands has a story.
This disease is epidemic disease of sex of source of natural epidemic disease, a lot of animals and average per capita can contract this virus, but it is recessive infection more, especially Niu Heyang. The person cultivate of sick domestic animal and patient and recessive infection can be become in phase of virus blood disease infect a source, among them the pig is the mainest contagion source. The bite that this disease basically passes a mosquito travels via the skin. Midge is to infect agency not only, also be the host of keep in storage of virus. This disease has apparent seasonal, popular fastigium basically comes in the summer Chu Qiu, the case of illness of 80 % happens in 7 ~ September. This ill happening has particular age concern, with the gender mature period is accorded with basically, be in more 6 months after be born or happen a few earlier. This disease has certain regional, often show in sinkage area come loose to happen in the gender, or show local popularity. This ill popular characteristic is infection rate is high, incidence of a disease is inferior (20%- - 30% ) , rate of die in one's bed is low also, death often is caused by complication. Incidence of a disease of area of new epidemic disease is high, be in a bad way, year after year is reduced after, show the pig taking poison that does not have a symptom more finally.
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