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The sow is long match infecund reason and prevention and cure
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The sow is long match infecund, it is kind of pig and sow reproduction function produce an obstacle, cause a sow cannot the phenomenon of raise up seed. The sow is long compound infecund matter more, basically have genital official disease of organ of depauperate, reproduction and raise misgovern to wait.

One, kind boar is progenitive period disease

Kind boar is progenitive period disease, cause several sows the most easily long match infecund, main reason is the seminal inferior quality of kind of boar, plant namely the standard that the spermatozoon short of of boar makes sow be fertilized needs, main show misshapes to do not have essence of life, little choice, dead essence, spermatozoon wait not by force with spermatozoon vigor. Still seminal fluid takes pus, blood or uric fluid.

Kind the reason of inferior quality of boar seminal fluid, basically be to raise management undesirable the disease with genital official. The disease of organ of onefold, reproduction is like feed atrophy of depauperate, spermary, orchitis reachs concealed Gao, spermary phlogistic, epididymis is in charge of epididymis and disease of seminiferous duct closedown, scrotal skin, can cause dead essence, little choice or without essence of life. When the varicocele, although sexual desire is exuberant, but do not ejaculate. Add sexual gland (prostate, spermatic gland, urethral ball gland) when having inflammation, often make spermatozoon dies, perhaps make seminal fluid takes blood and garrulous shape matter. Cystic neck is paralytic can make uric juice is contained in seminal fluid. Illness of serious high fever sex, because fine essence canal is epithelial,also can be destroyed, and cannot generate spermatozoon normally. Spermatozoon is unusual, concern possibly also with heredity without spermatozoon. Kind inferior quality of boar seminal fluid, can cause a lot of sows at the same time infecund discover not hard consequently, to suspecting seminal fluid kind of boar of inferior quality, should press test-tube the requirement standard to seminal character, have detailed examination.

Prevent and cure: Should investigate analytic medical history above all, because of,look for cause of disease setting out, take step of corresponding prevention and cure. Raise those who manage bad place to cause, should improve in time raise management, if increase the amount of feedstuff, improvement feed character, increase hybridization of motion, time-out to wait. As a result of the disease afterwards sends, answer to have treatment in the light of the primary affection, after eliminating the primary affection, seminal character often can get rising namely. Besides adopting corresponding arrange inflict in the light of the pathogeny, serum of horse of ketone of illness application Gao, pregnant or hormone of hurried sexual gland have passable ground cure, long treat do not heal or congenital disease (transmissibility element) cause, want to wash out this kinds of boar in time.

2, the sow is progenitive period disease
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