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Safety raises pig standard
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Thoroughbred concept concentration is fine carry good health

In the choose and buy child when the pig takes kind of pig, according to the other side genealogical, should choose n duality commonly child pig Yo stays become kind of pig. The key is the nipple that should assure every boss pig cannot little at 13, should choose the gilt under 30 kilogram to come home undertake seed selection. Such doing, although devoted capital is less, but according to child the growth of the pig is healthy state, undertake seed selection compares a trouble the 2nd times. And direct choose and buy the mothball sow of 50 much grams, go to the lavatory quite so, and choose better sow easily. If be fatten gives column commodity pig, should choose n duality or pig of 3 yuan of cross, the cross pig that chooses 30 kilogram above regards commodity pig as fatten, in order to make full use of cross advantage.

Science of section makings concept is chosen makings is reasonable with makings

In raising a pig, feed cost occupies the 70% above of the totle drilling cost that raise a pig, raise the height of pig benefit, depend on greatly how to choose feed scientificly. Particular way has the following.

1. According to the different physiology phase of porket, piggy, big pig, boar, sow the choice is used makings.

2. Child pig " catch 3 had fed 3 close " . Catch breast to feed, cross exceedingly to grow close; Catch feed, too good filling stuff closes; Catch flourishing to feed, had passed to ablactation close; Child the pig do not be fed too fully, prevent product overmuch, the raise that accepts much food to be added frequently at this moment feeds a principle, much person cause have loose bowels, child the pig is incidental oedema is ill, and the waste that creates product.

3. Do not want sudden change feed. The process is fed in raise in, want will original material and the makings that should change to undertake the raise after mixing even is fed, drop off is original the content of product, come finally to change virgin material entirely, this process needs 1 week of right-and-left time at least.

4. The crude fibre in pig makings cannot pass much, the viridescence feed such as proper and tie-in alfalfa, potherb, prevent feed onefold, lest cause the happening of a variety of diseases such as gastric perforation, gastric ulcer.

5. Science adjusts ration structure. The energy feed in summertime feed should decrease relatively, increase viridescence feed, execute nightly feed a swine (late at 7 o'clock, at 11 o'clock, before dawn at 4 o'clock) , can decrease by day activity, increase the Morpheus time of the pig. Mixed at 10 o'clock in the morning each fed the salt of 0.5% and viridescence feed 1 times at 3 o'clock afternoon, should offer at the same time sufficient water.
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