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Of pig feed " 3 may not are good "
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The excrement and urine after the pig eats is black, feed may not is good. A lot of person that raise a pig think, pig excrement and urine is blacker, demonstrative pig is taller to the digestive absorptivity of feed, the quality of feed is better. Excrement and urine is yellower, the quality of feed is poorer. Actually, this kind of viewpoint is unscientific. Actually, the level that measures feed to digest absorptivity discretion does not depend on the color of excrement and urine, and depend on feed change rate (makings flesh is compared) . The point of view that learns from the recipe will tell, gao Tong can make excrement and urine nigrescent. Although Gao Tong has certain hurried to grow action, but use tall copper additive for a long time, the cupreous element that can bring about the remain in pig excrement and urine causes pollution to the environment, the cupreous element that remains in pork causes a harm to human body health. Accordingly, of color of excrement and urine black or not black the stand or fall that can not show feed quality.

The skin after the pig eats is red, feed may not is good. The person that raise a pig thinks generally, good feed, the skin after the pig eats should aglow. A few illegal businesses exceed dosage to add arsenic preparation in feed (because arsenic preparation has diastole blood capillary, enhance blood capillary to connect the function that appears a gender) , the pig is collected the skin is with respect to expression after feeding this kind of feed aglow. Although arsenic preparation has certain urge,grow action, but the pollution that abuses arsenic preparation to create didymous environment inevitably and healthy to human body harm.

The love after the pig eats sleeps, feed may not is good. A few person that raise a pig think, the movement that limits a pig can rise to reduce physical ability to use up, promote growth action. In fact, if feed nutrition cannot be satisfied,grow of the pig normally demand, no matter feed has what kind of hypnotic effect to also do not rise to promote stimulative action, return the side-effect since the meeting sometimes even.

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