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Sow management notes a point
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Maintain a sow good and progenitive function, can increase quota of technology of the production that raise a pig greatly, this is implementation pig farm the foundation of good economic benefits. I discover in the service, a lot of breed aquatics door manage existence problem to the sow, here, I wish and travel together at this point the problem begins communication.

One. The sow chooses error

1. A few breed door choose commodity pig to use directly for be economical; Occurrence diversity of swinery of mother of a few pig farm: Namely binary cross, 3 yuan of cross, multivariate even cross; The problem that such causing has one is: Fatten swinery, the figure has have high low, have long have short, have fat have thin. Hair color has white, gules, hei Gong is lubricious. Grow speed has have slow, volume quickly not divide evenly; Swinery is orderly spend difference, did not sell picture, do not go on pig price. 2 it is oestrus abnormal, of this oestrus not oestrus, oestrus show is not apparent, hybridization rate is not high, kitten rate is low, 3 it is manufacturing benefit difference, complete group of makings flesh than wanting tower above commonly 0.2: 1, day weightening finish can reduce 100~200 to overcome / day.

2. Buy wash out a sow soon: Such sow most has aged, manufacturing grade is poor, or have such and such trouble; This affects manufacturing result not only, introduce bacterium of cause of disease likely still, potential minatory sex is very big.

2. Sow feed chooses error:

1, raise of fatten pig feed feeds a sow; Kind the utility of pig and fatten pig, nutrient standard and raise management the method is not same, this lives with respect to decision mother the pig must use special feed, in order to assure its normal growth development and progenitive function.

2, match the feed with not complete nutrition to feed a sow oneself, as intensity of pig breed seed selection bigger and bigger, to the sow the nutrition of every phase asks taller and taller, especially the feed demand of lactation sow is higher and higher, but a few pig farm use this locality resource in great quantities, make up sow feed, lowest of cost of feed of do one's best is changed, often cause feed inanition, nutrient element lacks a balance. Some is mixed with coarse fodder even succulence (careless) give priority to, be not added or seldom add feed of premix, albumen and energy feed.

The progenitive function impact of this pair of sows is very big, some long-term and angular, service life shorten.

3, the sow raises administrative error

1, mothball sow: It is regard its as fatten the pig, hold the post of its to be collected freely feed, cause sow body fat too big, affect progenitive technical ability; Inspect its however with fundamental sow, feed with raise of the poorest feed, cause a sow emaciated, grow development is undesirable.
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