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Introduce kind of pig to should notice
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Before wanting to take strict precautions against epidemic disease to pass into introduce a fine variety, must understand kind of pig to produce the epidemic situation of the area in detail, affirm without disease ability is introduced. In the meantime, the pig that considers to introduce even is planted below the natural condition that is in place, can produce what epidemic disease. If some of southern pig is planted,easy happening introduce to pant after northeast disease, must notice to prevent, lest epidemic disease travels. Kind after the pig is drawn, cannot put swinery instantly, want segregation to raise 20 days at least, do not have disease for certain again be gregarious.

Kind of pig that should consider kin to draw mutual cannot have kin, should bring back kind of pig blood card, save a for future reference.

Amount of introduce a fine variety is unfavorable and overmuch be in usually, every larger pig farm, the admirable variety that introduces 3 two different characteristics should be used quite. Small-sized pig farm introduces the boar of 9 breed, designedly and this locality sow undertake economic cross, the fatten that carries sacrificial vessel to have crossbred advantage child the pig is OK also. Introduce overmuch variety, cause chaos easily to match, blood relationship is jumbly.

The pig that the natural condition that should get used to place introduces from the other place plants kind of introduced pig, can produce incommensurate phenomenon sometimes, expression is come on easily, cannot undertake breeding normally waiting, bring a loss to production. Below this kind of circumstance, can execute indirect introduce a fine variety.

Should consider place to because introduce breed to reform besides cross in place,raise a level outside this locality pig, have blooded breed even, if adaptability is bad, appear possibly blooded degrade phenomenon. Best first a few introduce a fine variety undertake cross experiments, after finding out the variety with cross nice effect, introduce kind of pig in great quantities again.

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