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Raise a pig 4 keys " a week "
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There are a lot of special keys in the process that raise a pig " a week " , strengthen during this raise management to be able to make produce benefit to one rises greatly.
One, after hybridization a week
Hybridization hind is ovum be fertilized and the crucial period that oosperm breaks up a week, if right now the sow has metabolized to fill, can make partial oosperm dies, reduce kitten to count thereby. So, the avoid by all means inside a week is fed after sow hybridization makings is overmuch, day feeds makings volume with 1.5 ~ 1.8 kilograms advisable, cannot exceed 2 kilograms at most.
2, after childbirth a week
To first for foal pig, after childbirth a week raise management crucial, because raise pig process,medium very much casualty accidents happens in this one phase, if freeze to death, frostbite, pressure dead, die in one's bed.
To drop young hog the casualty inside this week is led, should have done the following works: ① appropriate is received produce reach heat preservation is moistureproof. ② lets first foal pig eats in time on colostrum, in order to enhance disease-resistant ability. ③ secures nipple. This is the important step that decreases to foal pig dies first and raise young swinery uniformity. ④ fills in time iron, filling Selenium, prevent to be short of selenium and anaemia. ⑤ recovers sow body besides, prevent postpartum infection.
3, after ablactationing a week
This is to ablactation young pig should stimulate the most serious period: The food of the entrance becomes the fodder of solid state by the grandma of liquid state, those who leave a sow caress, be driven away to abandon because of the sow at the same time lukewarm reduce greatly, mother source antibody stops to supply. The avery kind of of above should stimulate the effect with very adverse to young pig generation metropolis, become the inducement that its come on. Decrease should be being stimulated is the key that help young pig ablactations smoothly, medicaments precaution is the significant auxiliary step that avoids young pig afterwards to send infection, easy ambient conditions and high grade feed are young pig ablactations successful assurance.
4, turn group hind one week
What raise an environment newly to be able to cause young pig physiology and mentally is incommensurate, disease-resistant force also can be reduced somewhat. Will pass after the young pig be gregarious of different nest " argue " new establishment is respective the position in this new group, in the meantime, of young pig eat, pull, sleeping to located at 3 o'clock also is finished in this week, these need to waste much energy.
Turn to make young pig successful group, should have done the following work: ① makes turn the temperature of group of environment temperature before and new environment is adjacent. ② feeds period of time with original feed raise first, after waiting for swinery state stability to come down, change gradually again makings. ③ strengthens medicaments precaution, prevent a bacteria to seize the opportunity to invade young pig organism. ④ young pig is mixed group hind often appear tussle phenomenon, so, a few righter should stimulate the variety with greater reaction, turn group when always must notice to be on guard.
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