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Raise a pig to stop with ginger fatten opportunely have diarrhoea disappear is a
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In the process that raise a pig, proper use ginger can rise to treat a disease not only the action that prevents disease, and nonexistent medicaments remains.
1, sanitarian fatten. Be born in young pig second half lunar general dolly of 500 grams ginger, boil 1500 ~ the ginger juice of 2000 milliliter, divide 3 ~ 4 times to mix makings raise is fed, can raise the survival rate of young pig not only, and can make young pig inchoate weightening finish is fast; With cutcha waiting for a quantity the ginger of stoving tangerine skin mixes levigation, feed a pig to have apparent fatten effect with the feed that adds this kinds of 0.1% powder.
2, remedial pig diarrhoea. ① takes ginger 65 grams, ripe egg is yellow 2, dolly hind is fed. ② takes ginger 4 grams or dry ginger 1 gram, tea 2.5 grams, brown sugar 7.5 grams, 3 person juice of water simmer in water is added after mixing 1000 milliliter, mix makings feed a swine, everyday two. ③ takes dry ginger, dangshen, the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes, yam each 7 grams, add juice of water simmer in water, await lukewarm fill to take. Diarrhoea of remedial young pig is desirable still dry ginger 80 grams, tea 200 grams, brown sugar 500 grams, boil decoct juice, medical fluid is taken to feed after filter broken bits take, every time 200 milliliter, everyday 2.
3, treat pig accumulating to feed. Take dry ginger, saleratus each 15 grams, the membrane of a chicken's gizzard 10 grams, fill of water simmer in water is taken. Because the stomach is cold,be like a pig vomiting, desirable ginger, dried tangerine or orange peel each 30 grams, extractive fill is taken.

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