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How to improve performance of sow oneself breed
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As the development of the course of study that raise a pig, the amplification of swinery, raise the grow in quantity of pig amount plus farmer, the progenitive performance that improves a sow is a when obtain bigger economic benefits important step.

The body of the sow besides with progenitive function

The body of the sow besides the progenitive performance that affecting a sow directly, body condition is too fat, not only the sow is not easy oestrus, and oviposit number decreases, be impregnated rate is low, incidental also be difficult to do; Body condition is too thin, the mother's body is offerred without enough reserve fetal grow development, bring about sow breed obstacle, incidental also postpartum break down. Generally speaking, the sow ablactations rear body condition should slant thin, hipbone is protuberant, bodily form submits long and narrow form. In gravid metaphase, should be regular system besides, adipose ply is 18mm left and right sides, use a hand to be able to feel coxa follicle, bodily form submits long canister form. In produce child period, body condition should summary fertilizer, feeling hipbone is right now protuberant not apparent. Hold afore-mentioned put oneself in another's position besides, be impregnated, gravid can reach higher level with lactation.

Each phase raises the sow method

Arrived that day from hybridization gravid 21 days should measure raise to feed partly, namely everyday 2 kilogram of 1.8 kilogram ~ ; Gravid and earlier, namely 21 days of ~ 63 days, can not increase collect appetite, maintain everyday 2.5 kilogram of 2 kilogram ~ , after this can increase an amount gradually; Gravid later period, namely 84 days of ~ 105 days, can increase everyday 4 kilogram of 3.5 kilogram ~ , because right now fetal grow growth rate is accelerated, increase a sow to collect appetite to be able to raise high yield apparently child count and weight is born first, the body weightening finish that the sow produces at the beginning of gestation with 30 kilogram ~ 40 kilogram are advisable, via producing the weightening finish of the sow the quantity is controlled with 30 kilogram had better.

Childbirth is abstinence that day, from begin to increase with 1 kilogram quantity everyday the following day, achieve gorge status to the 5th day or so; When ablactationing, should from ablactation day of computation, before 4 days begin to reduce an amount, to ablactation the fast when day. From after ablactationing, arrive again progestational sow with gorge, the feed supply method of gestation is implemented again after be pregnant.

Of mothball sow raise management

Mothball sow is become in Yo period (before 100 kilogram) can collect freely feed, 100 kilogram are restricted with junior travel raise, can adopt group of raise methods, so that get sufficient exercise, reduce adipose deposit, stimulative muscle grows and oestrus. Every pig assures those who have 2.5 square metre to raise an area, daily 2.5 kilogram feed, pass to avoid differences of group of the weight in raise big, answer to often adjust swinery, raise uniformity.
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