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Deep autumn raise a pig 4 keys attention
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Autumn raises a pig 4 points
Autumn, to raising pig door for, it is the gold period that raises a pig. In this one phase, pig become fat is faster, if breed door pay attention to prevent cold, prevent disease, raise feed nutrition and pig house ventilated, the growth of the pig is relatively apparent. Here, author introduction autumn raises 4 points of the pig, hope breed aquatics door find out from which add the method that controls increase production.
One, prevent cold
Transfer directly from sorching intense heat of summer cool autumn, air temperature drops bigger, difference in temperature of day and night is to achieve 10 ℃ more much, can be affected certainly to the unripe strip of the pig. Too tall or air temperature is too low, grow what affect a pig normally. Carry out a proof, want to take proper step only, grow what maintain a pig aptly temperature, the pig also can grow normally in autumn. Specific for, fall should have done ahead of schedule defend cold measure:
1, nap fine pig house, block the position that column sheds air leak up severe, keep out content but adjust measures to local conditions uses careless cover with a straw mat or plastic film to wait, in case air cooling invades pig house.
2, piggery office staff fills up hay, do not let fill up careless moisture.
3, increase raise density, let a pig be next to sleep, can warm oneself each other already, can raise hurdle again lukewarm. Feed the feed with high heat energy more, in order to increase the quantity of heat inside pig body.
4, conditional breed aquatics door can take shelter from the wind inside piggery one horn builds hot house, the size of conservatory but according to the pig how many and calm. The method is: The wall that build by laying bricks or stones controls 1 meter high, leave one wicket to allow pig freedom turnover, upside fathers with straw lid, hay is spread inside. When air temperature is cold, the pig can enter heat preservation room automatically to hibernate.
2, prevent disease
Autumn, the pig suffers from easily add disease of body of red blood cell, pig the disease such as streptococcic disease, can give raise breed door to bring a loss. Author basis before experience, remind everybody to prevent good pig to add disease of body of red blood cell and pig streptococcic disease.
1, the pig adds disease of body of red blood cell (red skin is ill) expression of typical and clinical symptom can drop for sow productivity, path of difference of qualitative change of young pig body, anaemic, bowel and respiratory tract infection increase. Listless of the spirit at the beginning of fatten pig disease, body temperature rise arrives high 39.5 ~ 42 ℃ , asp turn to encircle or do not wish to stand, from group lie the ground, occurrence constipation or have loose bowels. Below ill pig ear, neck, before the bosom, below the abdomen, the place skin Gong Zi such as limb inside, point to pressure do not fade.
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