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The country raises a pig to want to put an end to dog cat to mix raise
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Current country raises pig door home in, classics regular meeting raises 9 dogs, cat. Raise a dog to be used protect a courtyard to look after the house, raise a cat to be used destroy rat is prevented kill. Although the original intention of farmer is good, but breed door raise pig door especially, in the process that raise a pig, if appear,dog, cat is mixed raise or the case that dog, cat enters pig house, often can bring the contagion of a few diseases, adverse to the growth of the pig and development, return the death that can cause a pig badly, because cause enough take seriously.

Dog, cat can catch a disease to the pig, 3 person between the disease that catchs each other has:

One, arched body is ill

The bend body of the pig is ill, the bend body that fastens a cat affects a pig to cause. Already confirmed now, the cat is the true host of arched body protozoon, the parasitism object with the progenitive asexuality of this kind of protozoon that the other animal such as the pig is a cat. This kind of protozoon undertakes in feline small intestine development of ball bug sex breeds, suitable requirement is encountered after forming ovarian eduction, provide infectious spore through counting nature growth to become. The pig ate to be affected namely come on, after mother pig feed is entered can from placental, uterus, produce path and colostrum pig of perpendicular infection young. Healthy young pig also but mucous membrane of classics respiratory tract or the feed that had sick cat pollution or water can affect come on. The young pig after ablactationing sucks the breast no longer, basically eat makings, if expect,be affected by the cat, affect the opportunity more that come on. If the person is affected,also can produce arched body disease, the harm is very great.

The acute case of illness after the pig is affected sees at ablactationing young pig comes on suddenly more, temperature is as high as 40-42 ℃ , decrease first after feeding, do not eat, bloodless, systemic shiver, cough, nose, ear, limb empurples, cracked, the symptom of similar swine fever, but not be swine fever. Pig infection rate is amounted to 100% , pig incidence of a disease is amounted to 45% , deadly rate amounts to 22.5% above, pecuniary loss is big.

2, trichinous

The pig is trichinous be reach its at alvine canal by the imaginal parasitism of trichina a kind of verminosis that larval parasitism causes inside Yu Hengwen flesh, this disease basically sees at pig and house mouse, between dog, cat, pig extremely easy mutual infection, have sex of very great harm to the person. After catching mouse when the cat, possible meeting holds pig house around, and the rat that the pig had to have muscle trichina kind or fleshy bits and contract this disease. In the 3 ~ after infection 7 days of temperature lift, diarrhoea, have vomiting sometimes, suffer from a pig angular. Ever since muscle is mixed stiff aching, breath is difficult, pronunciation is hoarse. Still appear sometimes the symptom such as difficulty of facial dropsy, deglutition.
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