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A variety of elements of sow and mothball sow oestrus are analysed
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Pig farm can undertake administrative to the oestrus of the sow, so that satisfy manufacturing need, large pig farm often is adjusted group group size, control mothball sow to turn the time of kind of swinery; Small-sized pig farm lets delivery time and be identical of market demand bearing as far as possible. The commerciality product that there is auxiliary oestrus government on market can be offerred use. To know the use method of these products in the round, had better understand a sow first / mothball sow is normal the hormone in oestrus cycle process changes.

Hurried is follicular element (FSH) it is excretive of the leaf before hypophysis a kind of hormone. Hypophysis is the glandule body that is located in cerebral base ministry. FSH can be promoted ovarian in follicular development, every follicular in the egg that contains a maturity. When these follicular maturity, can secrete estrogen, latter can exciting sow shows typical Jing Lifa sentiment behavior.

Element of hurried corpus luteum (LH) exciting and ovarian oviposit. Element of hurried corpus luteum also is by excretive of the leaf before hypophysis. After follicular burst releases an ovum, burst is follicular the cell inside continues development, form corpus luteum.

The normal oestrus cycle of the sow is 21 days, the Xie Hui before hypophysis is in the later period of oestrus cycle, about 18-20 climate secretes hurried follicular element. Element of hurried corpus luteum is the 0-2 day excretive in oestrus cycle, stimulate oviposit.

Corpus luteum secretes progesterone. Progesterone is to be in charge of maintaining gravid main hormone. If ovum be fertilized, make the pregnant system that has energy, these pregnant body can be in union on uterine wall. Meeting feedback gives the signal of this kind of union corpus luteum, make corpus luteum continues to secrete progesterone, maintain gravid.

Prostate element is by uterine excretive. Prostate element has two effect. The first action is, if ovum does not have be fertilized, combine uterine wall without pregnant body, do not have right now gravid good maintain, so in affection period 14-17 day, the uterus can secrete prostate element to arrive among blood. Prostate element can cause corpus luteum to degrade, stop to secrete progesterone. While corpus luteum degrades, close to follicular element can be stimulated ovarian in follicular development.

The 2nd action of prostate element is process of the delivery that start. In gravid process, mature when fetal development, gravid when should ending, the uterus can secrete prostate element. Prostate element also is to be able to cause corpus luteum to degrade, stop to secrete progesterone. Different is, the meeting below this kind of circumstance starts delivery process.
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