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Pig people need to change the error of thinking
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1, the triples cultivate their own breeding pigs Immediate vested interests: Three Pigs by cultivating their own pigs, one can save about 400-500 dollars. The interests of long-term loss: loss of size, catty 0.10 yuan, 25 yuan per head of finishing pigs. Growth loss, a growth cycle to slaughter at least 5 days later, the loss 30. Disease losses, lost at least 10 yuan per head. General interest losses: 8 production calculated by the loss of around 4,000 yuan. That is a sub-standard sow, birth to 8 tires total of 80 hogs, 55 yuan per head losses, totaling 4,400 yuan. Net savings of 400-500 million pig training, but also loss of 3900-4000 yuan. 2, cheaper drugs first with sick pigs Immediate vested interests: the part of the province of medicine. Long-term loss of interest: Pig disease are not well controlled, death, illness, reduced productivity caused huge economic losses. Buy good medicine, the loss of your drugs. 3, no disease is not the prevention, treatment of sick and then Immediate vested interests: do not put drugs temporarily Long-term loss of benefits: sick pigs to consume 3-4 times the drugs, the loss due to illness is to prevent dosage ten times or even dozens of times. 4, transition economy Immediate vested interests: to save the little part of the funds. Long-term loss of benefits: most part of pig production can not meet the technical requirements, the production index is very low, cost is not good. Pig is the current high-risk, high investment, high return industry. To achieve high returns, the need for high investment.