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The first project in Sichuan quietly terminated herbal pig
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Cattle in the town of Meishan City, Sichuan rich Dongpo first base for Chinese herbal medicine has changed kind of pig "signs have been replaced in front of Meishan, a medium-sized feed mill." Informed sources. It is understood that the project is defined as the Chinese herbal medicine as culture, and its patented invention and the project leader was crazy stir Wang Guoping, a number of media reports. The aquaculture sector is also Guoping Dingdingyouming in Meishan, has made the feed, and Liu Hanyuan, rabbit, Chen Yu-chuan, Chen discerning famous fish. Signs changed appearance, does the project has been terminated? Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Duo Ci and Bo Da Wang Guoping, the telephone, but numbers have changed club. Yesterday, reporters rushed to the Meishan conducted a survey interview. Breeding base of 2.3 million transferred to the feed mill The base of the status of Chinese herbal medicine in the end pig do? Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Qu Juyan and Zhao Shengdao 106 Renshou bound to come to the Meishan Minjiang Bridge at about 1 km in front of the base. Overgrown with weeds, plant falling off the external walls of the factory gates of the security office has also archaic, this desolate really surprised. Even more surprising is that in about 15 meters long door, labeled "Feed Co., Ltd. Sichuan Le Pearl 'mountain chicken' stocking base" message. Is this the pig Guoping herbs renowned on base? Or is this base has changed hands? Here's the only one left behind the security of the Chengdu Commercial Daily, told reporters here before the base is indeed Wang Guoping, but in the beginning of this year has been happy to buy feed mill beads. Subsequently, the Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Zai Jide and Nei Kandao, submerged in 12 major plants weeds, each plant about 600 square meters to 1,000 square meters, in addition to a 3-story office building has not been completed. The security said that, there is also sewage treatment plant, feed mill, etc., but none completed. Subsequently, the Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Yu Sichuan and Yue Zhu Guo Shouyun Feed Ltd, who made contact. Guoshou Yun said he was in May 2010 took over the base from the hands of Wang Guoping, spent about 230 million, then also the construction of walls, and roads. Guoshou Yun said that the current base lease that he intends to go out, talk about being the boss, and five or six, "lease a plant of about 5 million per year, the wall behind the cheaper, to 3,000 yuan per mu can rent." And even had a sensation of Sichuan Meishan pig pig industry base of herbs come down to such a situation why? Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Sui Houlian and Ji Daole some of the core source. 7 years trying to raise the quality of pig medicines In Meishan, Wang Guoping almost a household name, is a local celebrity pig, and this reputation, more to come from his original patent herbal farming. According to "Sichuan Daily," "Meishan Daily" and other media reported in 2007, Wang Guoping, herbal farming patents come very easy. In 1978, Wang Guoping, 16, started in Chengdu, Jianyang apprentice to learn farming techniques, etc., back to rural areas in 1981, 1995, he began to try the green pollution-free farming techniques, this attempt is 7 years. After a series of hard study and try, in 2002 he finally made a breakthrough technology. In 2005, Wang Guoping to "fatten pigs herbal agent" and "pig with herbs galactagogue" State Intellectual Property Office to apply for patents, was approved in 2006. Publicly reported, in 2007 he innovation of the "pig with herbal feed additives", two Ministry of Agriculture Feed the Feed Quality Supervision and Testing Center, the requirements of pollution-free pig feed. "He used to use Chinese herbs in the base of the pigs, the meat is indeed very good, very good taste, every time a slaughter, will be the hotel set to go." Wang Guoping, an early awareness of fellow disclosed. Wang Guoping, according to a press has repeatedly reported that after 2007, and even some foreign company intends to pay for the technology, but was Wang Guoping rejected. Won a patent, Wang Guoping, the road began to try the market. August 2005, Wang Guoping take the lead in initiating the formation of a Pig Association, publicly available data, the association has attracted as many as 812 farmers to join, led the 1230 pig farmers. Later, Wang Guoping, Meishan, has set up a new hair farming cooperatives, as president, Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Kan Dao and De Yingye license revealed that the co-operatives registered capital of 05,000 yuan for farmers and specialized cooperative economic organizations, as was last 工商局核准October 2008. Planning together on all projects misconduct Wang Guoping, a unique patent began to dream of a greater blueprint, and a very close relationship between Wang Guoping Zhang (not his real name), due to the original small-scale farms demolition, December 2008, began in the Meishan Wang Guoping Fu Niu establishment of pollution-free breeding base town, and named the Green Health Meishan breeding Co., Ltd., registered capital of 10 million. Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporter Cha Xundao, Wang Guoping, a new base plan is very ambitious breeding, the total area of 400 acres, plans to invest 180 million yuan, and the supporting herbs feed factories, farms, fine meat processing plants, organic fertilizer plant, biogas power stations and sewage treatment stations. According to Zhang said the beginning of the construction at the base, progressing more smoothly, Wang Guoping, and a builder entered into a construction contract, Wang Guoping also pour about 200 million investment in capital projects, a few months, including the feed mill, herbal materials factory, office building, including about 70% of the projects completed, covering about 100 acres. However, due to improper planning, when 70% of construction, after a problem of funding Wang Guoping, together with income from lease of land, bank loans did not run down. Last resort, in early 2009, Wang Guoping suspended all projects, started around the investment, but the results are not satisfactory. The project office has worked with one person said, in March 2009, has left the team members, in October 2009, the project almost ran aground, May 2010, the base was sold to Le bead feed. Wang Guoping, Zhang has been involved in the investment process, according to her analysis, "failure is mainly due to Wang Guoping, miscalculated the risk, too eager to aggressive, with the construction of all projects, its own lack of funds, and financing is no progress. " Sun, it was now not contact Created in the Meishan Wang Guoping Green Health Culture Co., Ltd., he was known as "China's first pig with herbal additives to do the people." But now, the once popular Meishan "swineherd" has not reach the. According to the website phone number left by Wang Guoping, Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Zhi Dian and Guo Qu, but the number has been easy to master, and his long-term fixed-line and QQ no one answered. "I can not contact him, do not say you!" Zhang lamented: "He may owe some debt, and debt constitutes a very complicated." In 2009, after the person concerned bypass, Sichuan Huiyuan Group Co., Ltd. Zhukai You have contacted the owner of the project, it is understood, the two sides of the negotiations for a long time, but ultimately no agreement reached. The failure of investment to the long road Guoping draw a gray period. Two years ago, Lee has done all his employees (a pseudonym) on pig technology of Chinese herbal medicine amazed Wang Guoping, Wang Guoping, but do not agree with the practice: "We calculated that, according to his plan, the entire project from construction plant, marketing, logistics, marketing, and so at least a billion. "" If timely access to appropriate funding, the project will come alive. "In the interview, many people are familiar with the project, said with regret.