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Chinese pig pig artificial insemination network offering free on-site technica
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From now on, the Chinese Central Pig Net Jiangxi Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. Green's training base for artificial insemination of pigs (for fine pig Zhangshu City Stations) free of charge to all pig farmers in the breeding business or member of semen staff, laboratory testing member of artificial insemination boar pig breeder and so provide on-site technical training. Zhangshu City for fine points in the pig October 20, 2009 completed and put into a total investment of 500 million, is the focus of the national pig seed subsidies to promote the project, located in the City of camphor on the town, 14 km from the city, covers an area of field 60 acres, all of the original 150 boars, boar semen quality can produce 180,000 copies. Construction of large-scale digesters, septic tanks and other environmentally safe disposal facilities for 150 cubic meters. Temperature control system with a curtain, automatic feeding system, video monitoring systems, sperm quality analysis and automatic loading system and other advanced facilities, scientific management, reasonable layout. Fine points for the existing staff of 12 people, including professional and technical personnel 8 people, and hired consultants for technical colleges and universities professors, in strict accordance with the national standards for pig semen production. Free Registration Tel :4006 -7788-03 Green Central Jiangxi this event and other media, livestock support, through learning exchanges, all the artificial insemination of pigs had a better understanding of the culture for the majority of livestock enterprises to protect the interests of