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Does live pig breed aquatics enter the 5th metempsychosis to sell a pig difficul
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Long-term since, live pig raises industry inside and outside to think generally, hog prices value is maintaining all the time smooth. But the near future, this one understanding is producing change gradually, live pig price drops all the way, one day a price. On August 28, a live pig of village of street king mouth breeds the Holy City of birthday smooth city door tell the author, say live pig buys valence to be 6.82 yuan / jin.

As we have learned, at present amount of livestock on hand of live pig of birthday smooth city achieves three hundred and eighty-three thousand five hundred, among them amount of livestock on hand of can numerous sow 55 thousand.

Price of live pig of birthday smooth city is common under 7 yuan / jin, some breed sold 5.9 yuan even / jin, achieved what pig price is born since this year is new low. Live pig price is gotten recently very fast, take for August, mix at the beginning of the month lunar base needed nearly 0.5 yuan of money every jins. ”

Shou Guang market level shows, live pig price is at present common fall after a rise, from 15 yuan when seek historical maximum price continuously / jin, fall continuously at present the price. Does live pig depreciate what to mean? It is rational regression, still entered another to depreciate metempsychosis?

Investigation shows, reason of a few respects causes the change that market of live pig breed aquatics produced essential sex this year, by original seller's market change is buyer's market.

As we have learned, successive 4 months come, pork price falls in little scope all the time, plus climate damp and hot, live pig is easy come on, feed has risen in price to wait for a reason suddenly, current right breed aquatics door for gain photograph compares the course of study that raise a pig to drop somewhat, but far still the degree that does not have the lose money in business that raise a pig.

Occupy the personage inside a few course of study to analyse, high temperature of near future weather, the dweller's flesh kind consumption decreases somewhat, and live pig gives column quantity to be compared again recently big, caused live pig price to drop somewhat so. But price of our city live pig drops to be carried with live pig, oil price rises the associated sex that waits for an element is not particularly close.

Sow allowance is exciting. The country executed sow allowance to arouse breed an enthusiasm, since last year, the country is right breed door extend those who feed sow allowance policy fulfil, change a sow to large scale breed and in small raise door brought spring in the air. “ this year 2 to March, live pig gives column value highest, amount to 9.5 yuan / jin, the part sells 10 yuan / jin. The breed aquatics that ” raised a few years of pigs door Mr Liu memory, of epicycle pig price rising, never pass before.

Increase reserve. Since go up round of pork after rising, the country is connected to restrain go up, market of proper adjusting control, built pork to lay in lasting effect system, increased pair of porky to lay in measure further, published sow subsidy system, this issued a timely rain to arousing live pig breed aquatics.
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