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big group popularizes collaboration to raise pig new pattern energetically
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On September 10, hubei province “ saves autumn winter agriculture to develop working site completely meeting ” is in Xian Ning city to esteem in relief county to hold, the main controller that comes from system of the agriculture that visits each city state and main county area completely, pasturage in all 200 much people attended this meeting.

On the meeting, representing attending the meeting in spirits ground looked around big group esteems building site of project of Yang Zhenchang farm. This are big group Wuhan Xiaolong of pig of big limited company breeds mode namely what collaboration of ” of farmer of company of “ government bank raises pig pattern is specific carry out. Listening to Wuhan after controller of big pig small dragon Introduction Zhao Yue to this mode, the progress circumstance that Shang Tao of members of standing committee of Hubei provincial Party committee, vice-governor enquired a project in detail and the program of the career that raise a pig that big group saves in Hubei, right province of big group stimulative Hubei raises pig career to be changed to dimensions, intensive is changed, the development of standardization gave extremely high opinion, express great expectations to this mode.

Director of bureau of vet of pasturage of long Chen Baihuai of hall of hall of Hubei province agriculture, province 10 thousand Wei Dong expresses to will help promotion energetically this mode, in order to satisfy farmer of ” of big “150 mode and generation raise a client the demand of pig of thoroughbred to high grade health young, drive more farmer get rich to become rich.

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