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Domestic aquaculture develops speed to may put delay
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The ” of congress of industry of “ international corn that holds jointly by Dalian Commodity Exchange and Dalian municipal government is held in Dalian at will coming 18 days on September 16, national development and dialect of vice director of department of reform committee rural economics point out on the meeting, domestic aquaculture will continue to develop, but add fast gradually delay.

Dialect expresses, domestic aquaculture obtained tremendous progress since reforming and opening, from the point of the proportion of farming herd fishing, agriculture dropped 14% , and animal husbandry and fishery rise respectively 8% with 4% . From the point of animal husbandry, output of fleshy egg milk increases apparent. Among them the flesh kind increase 4, 8 million tons, grandma kind increase 3, 3 million tons (rate is the rapiddest, but 3 deer incident highlights home to suckle kind of industry to have blind and outspread sign) , birds egg increases 2, 4 million tons. At the same time the quantity giving column of domestic animals and amount of livestock on hand are measured also amplitude is apparent. Among them live pig gives column to increase 36, 6.47 million, amount of livestock on hand increases 13, 4.46 million, the beef cattle gives column to increase nearly 4, 0, ovine amount of livestock on hand increases 9, 8.34 million. From the point of fishery, aquatic product crop increases 3, 5.1 million tons, ocean catchs increase 1, 8.38 million tons, fresh water breed aquatics increases 1, 6.73 million tons.

But at the same time domestic aquaculture development still faces a lot of problem. The first, breed means to lag behind, dimensions nutrient of small, raise comes loose. Among them live pig year give column to be reached in 50 occupy below than making an appointment with 1/2, milk cow amount of livestock on hand is reached in 20 occupy below than making an appointment with 1/3, beef cattle year give column to be occupied below in 50 than making an appointment with 1/6. The 2nd, did not form core to plant group, kind birds cultivate counts an import for a long time. The 3rd, volume of animal produce total constitution is not high, raise means to be concerned closely with home improve urgently. The 4th, breed cost to grow continuously. Corn, beans dregses of rice (information, prices) the price rises on average 50% , pig feed rises more than 30% . The 5th, the environment pollutes a problem to did not get settlement. The 6th, spending of rural dweller animal produce increases hasten delay.

Dialect points out evolution of domestic aquaculture future will appear the following characteristic finally: Domestic aquaculture will continue to develop, but add fast gradually delay; Dimensions is changed breed expand, medium-sized breed aquatics development is rapid; Stock raising structure is optimized further, milk industry maintains growth momentum; Aquiculture the basis environmental capacity, reasonable adjust breed layout, develop moderately.
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