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Of market of our country hog " cobweb is disorder phenomenon "
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Many it is important to since our country raises the real position of pig course of study,want than uptodate position, affect the obtain employment of on 100 million people, income not only, and still have numerous industrial leech on to on its. So, its a few slight change can produce ” of “ butterfly effect very likely, enter phase of a vicious circle when hog market especially, the effect that its produce is inestimable. Be like: 2006 first half of the year, our country raises pig course of study to suffer price trough early or late, and pig high fever is ill, it is to raise pig door to wash out a sow in great quantities first, back-to-back epidemic disease brings about a large number of pigs to die only again.

These two kinds of incident are brought about directly whole the line of business that raise a pig is overall deepness deficit, breed door / field is disastrous; Dropped quickly what at the same time live pig amount of livestock on hand measures to still bring about feed production to glide considerably, partial feed mill hangs out his shingle close a business, shambles can kill …… without the pig accordingly, study the fluctuant characteristic of market of our country hog seriously, make cobweb disorder phenomenal reveal one's true features, will consider how to solve this one difficult problem to provide important basis for us, the sense is great.

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