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The synthesis of pig farm economic benefits and countermeasure
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Raising a pig is not to raise view and admire an animal, however to make money, every do the friend that raises a pig to understand this reason that does not pass again simply. Does the money of the friend that raises a pig earn from where come? This is the problem that is worth to discuss very much. We think the economic benefits of pig farm is synthesized by the following elements.

One, breed

Raise utilization rate of feed of miscellaneous pig of earth of lean lean thoroughbred pig, lean lean to lead price is tall, high also. Current and general difference of every a unit of weight controls devoted feed 0.5 yuan identical every thoroughbred pig compares earthy miscellaneous pig to sell 20-100 more yuan.

The problem notes the following times when introduce a fine variety

1, should avoid much channel introduce a fine variety as far as possible so to avoid introduce a fine variety to introduce epidemic disease at the same time as far as possible, want investigation to be clear about what to epidemic situation has produced before the pig farm that is left, their plant formerly draw breed from where a few generation, exist now so that what epidemic disease introduces hind take corresponding step. 2, buy do not buy kinds of small pig greatly, because of piggy bodily form, manufacturing performance change is very big, piggy has been looked at, grown and differ superior, after 50KG weight, function of bodily form, production (level of breast of kitten rate secrete) finalize the design basically, search experience technology personnel raises seed selection pig, can raise the successful rate of introduce a fine variety.

2, epidemic disease prevents and cure

Ability of control epidemic disease raises rate giving column, ability having a pig may make money. Epidemic disease control must adopt the following measure.

1, vaccinal inject: Vaccine is to use cause of disease microbial course is physico-chemical the method lives or reduce active, make after body of its infuse pig, lose the action that cause disease, adopt the immune system inside exciting pig body again (like leucocyte, lymphocyte) make immunity respondent, make corresponding antibody produces inside its body, achieve the goal that prevents disease. This is one complex, biology physiology process, the on any account that antibody standard produces after vaccinal inject should be injected condition of health of body of time, pig, the age restrict, so inject vaccine is the important step that epidemic disease prevents and cure, but not be only measure, not be to want to make vaccine only won't go to the bad. How is a pig farm hit, make what vaccine, that is to say, how is immune program made? Want to follow the following principle, master neatly.

(1) the epidemic disease that presses local popularity chooses to need injection what vaccine, place have not popular needless introduce.

(2) the epidemic disease with the greatest harm is preferential arrangement, leave it best opportunity, by harm degree ordinal consideration is arranged.
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