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News analysis: Can the price deny pork to go low continuously?
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Of Department of Commerce newest monitor show, the near future, price of our country pork lasts since the Spring Festival this year oneself fall after a rise. Last week, the whole nation is main big in the city is white average and wholesale price is a pork 20. 36 yuan of / kilogram, relatively maximum price drops during the Spring Festival 11. 0 % ; Lean lean of essence of life is average retail prices 28. 63 yuan of / kilogram, relatively during the Spring Festival maximum price fall after a rise 3. 6 % . With photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, white a pork is wholesale retail prices of the lean lean that reach essence of life rises respectively 11. 4 % and 5. 0 % .

About the expert the analysis points out, pork price drops to basically have the reason of two respects:

It is hog production restores stage by stage, market supply increases. Since this year, fulfil stage by stage as the each policy measure that gives aid to live pig is produced reach the designated position, hog production restores further, dimensions breeds a filling column enthusiasm to rise ceaselessly, quantity of amount of livestock on hand increases steadily. According to statistic of national statistic bureau, volume of amount of livestock on hand of live pig of the whole nation end June rises 5 compared to the same period. 0 % , live pig gives column quantity to grow 3 first half of the year. 7 % .

2 it is pork consumptive demand is seasonal abate. 7, weather is torrid August, dweller food with delicate give priority to, pork consumes demand to drop apparently. In the meantime, long-term perch runs pork price, to the dweller's consumption the habit produces an effect, a few dwellers change take the birds flesh with relatively low price and aquatic product.

But the expert predicts, as mid-autumn, National Day drawing near, pork consumes demand to will increase somewhat, price of near future pork will stop stage by stage drop hasten is firm.

Occupy market of Department of Commerce additionally to run department to monitor, oily retail prices of our country edible is shown since August steadily posture of fall after a rise. Last week, the whole nation is main big in average retail prices is urban soya-bean oil 12. 57 yuan of / rise, relatively the fall after a rise at the beginning of August 2. 6 % ; Average retail prices is colza oil 14. 01 yuan / rises, relatively 1 of the fall after a rise at the beginning of August. 5 % ; Blend oil is average retail prices 14. 66 yuan of / rise, relatively the fall after a rise at the beginning of August 2. 3 % .

The personage inside course of study is analysed, fall after a rise of case of domestic edible oil price, basically be to suffer an international market to affect. The near future, suffer a dollar to appreciate, case takes oil price low, soja anticipates the element such as increase production is affected, case shows price of international market soja, soya-bean oil to drop considerably posture.
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