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Pig of clone of gene of virus of the acute communicable diseases that fight a pi
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Report from our correspondent recently, the clone pig ” that 3 “ contain gene of virus of the acute communicable diseases that fight a pig is in Jilin university smoothly early or late agriculture ministry is born, weight is mixed for 1050 grams, 1100 grams respectively 550 grams. This kind of “ contains the clone pig ” that fights gene of swine fever virus is You Jilin the task group that institute of vet of pasturage of university agriculture ministry bilks fine to learn a professor to be institute of chief expert and vet of military affairs of martial academy of medical sciences to be comprised jointly studies, belong to the world first.

Swine fever is the contagion that a kind of serious menace raises pig employment. To breed the pig that can fight swine fever virus, learn institute of ministry pasturage vet to bilk fine to learn to teach the task group that is chief expert with Ji Danong, on the foundation that aids financially in national science foundation, through nearly two years the cooperation of time tackles key problem, the gene that aux will be able to controls swine fever virus turns acquire “ China test small-sized pig ” is fetal into fiber cell inside, have embryo of clone of pig of nuclear transplanting preparation with this body cell, this embryo transplanting overcomes body of acting pregnant sow to Du Luo inside, after be pregnant 114 days yield smoothly 3 healthy clone young pigs. Via undertaking to cell of young pig body gene detects, the cell that confirms this clone pig contains what what turn to fight gene of swine fever virus. Current, farther disease-resistant poison detects the experiment is undertaking in. The birth of pig of these 3 clone is indicating our country is turning domain of research of breeding of gene pig disease-resistant has achieved international banner level.

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