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The basic principle of successful career (go up)- - Jin Weidong of president of
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The basic principle of successful career (go up)
Release time: 2008-09-08 picks from: " Chinese pasturage magazine " 2008 the 16th period author: Gold defends keyword of president of group of Dong He abundant:
Editor's note: Communicate with Wei Dong before, the one article of basic principle ” that is informed him to be about to finish “ successful career, stem from the respect to Wei Dong, also was full of to this article expect, it is early " Chinese pasturage magazine " made an appointment this article. In July 2008, can go up in the summary of half an year of group of standing grain abundant, spot having good fortune hears the impromptu speech of the basic principle that Wei Dong succeeds about the career, have feeling greatly. In be as long as in the speech of 2 hours, can experience the speech color of its are humor and humorous and common guileless not only, also touch come at its deep accomplishment and details. In those day, right Confucianism business also had closer understanding. From ancient up to now, chinese past dynasties theres is no lack of a business is big merchant, be in early of minister change " history write down biographies of • goods breed " in have expatiatory. A surname child the originator that tribute makes China scholar trade, up to now, commercial activity still is called enterprise of “ Tao Zhu, duanmu Shengya ” . Also there is no lack of to give birth to such successful businessman like Wei Dongxian in contemporary business circles, they are with their commercial act Confucianism business make new explanatory note.
The speech of at great length 2 hours, 8 principles also told 4 only, recording arranges 29000 much words. Length of be confined to, edit its present 9000 words, have the anxiety of the have a fracture.
" the basic principle of successful career " cent is on, below piece, this is on piece. Below piece will be in 18 periodical were ascended 2008, pay close attention to please.
The basic principle of successful career (go up piece)
This was last year my an article —— " the individual element in successful career " below half, by the plan this article is to should be in finished before year end last year. The account that did not finish is I do not have ready-made really, do thorough reflection without enough time, if be finished constrainedly the likelihood is a very faulty work, accordingly again and again protracted. Here I did not stop hard all the time, return derive at the same time the opinion of friends of a few Zhuo Youjian ground, my basic principle reduce successful career 8 respects, to the best of my belief comply with these principles, the assurance with successful career is bigger, if have outstanding individual essential factor again, if god allows, I think to be able to succeed for certain almost. In business character business, my treatise in the article mostly relevant trade is very much even in the process the development that can contact our He Feng, however these principles can be pushed and wide, I believe this is the general comfortable principle of successful career.
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