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Integration of industry information to promote the development of China pig in
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Pork is important that people can not do without food every day, with the development and progress of society, people's living standards increase year by year, increasing demand for pork, pork prices from low to high, has been greatly Change. The production of pig meat industry as a whole industrial chain links, it becomes increasingly important. Jiangxi Green Central Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. (camphor) Wang Dong, general manager of the new 15 years ago to see this. At that time Wang Dong New just graduated from high school to the line came into contact with pigs. He inherited his father's bold approach to try new pig, with a farmer's love of children on the livestock industry, 10 years new in the pig industry Wang Dong accumulated a wealth of treasure Your experience, and has made remarkable achievements. Has been rated as "livestock breeding model in Jiangxi Province", in 2009 he was awarded the "thirteenth Top Ten Outstanding Young Farmers" when, in order to integrate industry information, to promote The further development of China's pig industry, founded the Chinese pig net. China as the country's more influential network pig pig professional website, a unique perspective, new ideas for the relevant work in this industry provide a large number of pig information, from market conditions, supply and demand information Daily pork price, the pig technology, swine disease control, farm and construction aspects are detailed and professional presentation. Even a pig video section, provide a more intuitive and more direct-service nanny, people benefited from Shallow. Chinese pig Network is committed to building the most influential platform for the pig industry, based on the integration of the industry to work together to promote exchange of upstream and downstream enterprises, efforts to tap the potential within the industry, and seek common development. Set up a business Product and business directory, such as columns, with the pig-related to some well-known companies broadcast rolling, the key recommendation of this entry for some time is short, pigs lack of knowledge people have a very good role model and guide. Set up a special "Spotlight", "Information Center", "Domestic News," "technical advice" and other sections, the first time released the latest industry information across the region, understanding the market trend, small planning hot topics, in the view Control of vast amounts of information at the same market trends, optimizing allocation of resources between regions, to avoid blindness, increase targeted. Leading the trend in China based on the pig industry, the Chinese pig Network is committed to the Chinese pig industry development and progress of service-oriented sense of the content from the layout to the layout, a great reader's needs first. Network Forum part of the pig stops to facilitate discussion and exchange of experiences. Integration of industry information, to promote the development of China's pig industry is the primary task of China's pig network and the main objective of the joint cooperation in the industry With the strong support of the efforts of the Chinese pig network will take responsibility and obligation to play a leading role, to build a classical portal, the Chinese pig industry to a new height.