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Livestock predators moving into the capital of China Wenzhou mine owners eager
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Goldman, Netease, COFCO, a high-profile into the pig industry - China's capital predators moving into the field of animal husbandry, Wenzhou private capital is not far behind. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau, only the pig farming industry, nearly 2 years in our city There is private capital inflow of more than 200 million yuan in 2009, Wenzhou City, the scale of pig farms (50 cases) of 3486, including industrial and commercial capital has reached 140 million yuan. Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau of the City, Deputy Director Zhu law of the land of the drawer, there is a black surface of the notebook, which detailed records of the past 3 years in Wenzhou animal husbandry projects, including investment in Wenzhou pig than mine owner Field. Yesterday, the reporter arrived at the town, Pingyang County, Xiashan Tengjiao Ltd pig husbandry, the farm in Xinjiang in the former iron ore mining Wangchao Jian, Chen Guisong other 3 jointly, has invested more than 1,500 yuan. Chen Gui Song said: "If the money invested in the original business, might not be enough to buy a production line, products can be pig slaughter pigs per year 10,000, the company has become the leading enterprises in Wenzhou, one of the pig industry has." Why get involved in pig farming industry? Chen Guisong smiles: "At first really can not tell people that, say, friends thought I was joking. Mainly due to too much competition in today's industrial enterprises, the development was not much room, and mine Capacity development is a high-risk industry, and now the national importance of agriculture, first enter will be able to capture the market first. Some people never eat meat, is a long-term investment. "He returned to the calculations to reporters, according to the current hog price 7.3 yuan / Burden of calculation, earn 200 yuan a pig, you can also bring folks rich. Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. in Xiashan conference room where reporters saw the TV screen, clean pig, the pig in the maze of activities of the runway. Chen Guisong Said the company will take the next step feed processing, breeding pigs, breeding, slaughter stop the industrial chain. According to the Deputy Secretary Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Pingyang County Chapter Sheng Pei introduced in Pingyang, as with Chen Guisong, since 2007, has engaged in mining, catering, cafes, printing industry, leather industry and other industries continue to invest the boss of pig raising Cattle, pigeon, sheep and other livestock areas. Among them, there is the owner of the cafe business in Wenzhou Pingyang Phoenix Nest Investment Kason pig farms, a Pingyang Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce vice president of membership is also Zhengzhou Pingyang investment pigs. At present, Scale pig farms in Pingyang County, more than 20, the slaughter of more than 1000, about half is industrial and commercial business investment. Among them, investment in mineral pig boss, about 4-5. In addition, in recent years in Yueqing, Yongjia, Cangnan, Switzerland On other places are real estate, clothing, entertainment, business owners and other industries in the pig industry investment. Stakeholders analysis, narrow eyes now hot money, short-term gain on real estate investment has been excessive profits of the industry, while agriculture, industry, the lack of long-term vision, to spend $ 300,000,000 this year, Goldman Sachs pig, indicating that the risk Capital to the agricultural industry signal. City Deputy Secretary Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Wengzhang Yang said recent years have introduced national and local policies to support live pig, a very good guide the industrial and commercial capital into the pig farming industry in Wenzhou in 2007, 70% of local The pig by the redeployment of the last 3 years, adding a large scale industrial and commercial capital, the local pig out more than 10% increase in production, the current redeployment of pigs Wenzhou 61% -62% has been reduced to 2009, the local pig slaughter 1.2 million, the new increments up to 10 Million head, stable pork market supply.