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Value of pork of predicting later period is total carry tends soon smooth
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The reporter was visited recently big pool, burgeoning wait for the urban district discovery of each big free market of agricultural products, pork price drops continuously, pork is at present overall the price already fell to since this year lowermost level, with price of the corresponding period kept balance basically last year.

As we have learned, at present every kilograms of price is in half fat thin pork of our city 14 ~ 20 yuan between; Lean lean of essence of life is in every kilograms 22 ~ 28 yuan between float, drop compared to the same period about 2.8 % ; Chop all valence makes an appointment with 27 yuan every kilograms. Price of our city pork all slightly under whole area average level.

Market of bureau of city business affairs moves adjust the monitoring result of the division shows, pork retail price appears from July since small drop, already depreciated continuously nearly 4 months, enter 9, after October, drop increase further, at present pork price already fell to since this year lowermost level. According to the analysis, pork price drops continuously basically is the influence that is restored further by live pig breed aquatics. At present the amount of livestock on hand of live pig breed aquatics is measured and give column quantity to already achieved 1 ~ highest September peak, assured the supply of goods of live pig, live pig is bought all valence and white the pig leaves factory all price falls continuously, the price that it is the flesh drops created a vacuum. In addition, seasonal pork consumes gross to drop also is the main reason that pork price drops continuously.

So whether can pork price continue to drop? Whether does price of later period pork move to you can appear big cases to fall greatly? Door of Department of Commerce is analysed, 9 ~ October is the peak period that live pig gives column centrally, pork appears on the market the quantity can increase ceaselessly, and near future air temperature drops ceaselessly, also be helpful for live pig and porky carrying memory, these elements all can bring about pork price to drop continuously, but will fall henceforth progressively and will contractible, porky of predicting later period is overall moving price will tend gradually smooth.

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