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Save the end of the year of field of breed of the biggest live pig to build comp
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Yesterday (20) recently arrives south fill garden of science and technology of big lily agriculture, see the breed field that can accommodate 2500 LY sow is intensifying building. Company controller says, after whole project is finishing before the end of the year, annual but breed goes column pig of 60 thousand youngs, become provincial field of breed of the most large-scale live pig.

Garden of science and technology of big lily agriculture is being filled south is an our city a collect grows, enterprise of bibcock of industrialization of the circular economy that supply and marketing and service are an organic whole agriculture, be located in brook of the suitable swirl that celebrate an area to press down curved cypress village. Company of science and technology of big lily agriculture uses this village sloping field of many mus of 3000 barren, already built amount of livestock on hand 5000 hoggery. This year, this company captures a country to encourage industry of development live pig and good market good luck, invest 30 million yuan, construction covers an area of 150 mus, the large breed field that can raise 2500 LY sow, show 16 million yuan to already completed investment, built 38 pig house basically. Build piggery to manage mode design by advanced modernization, cent produces area, kitten area and child care division for pregnant, the function is perfect, distributinging science. After whole project investment is used, year pig of young giving column 60 thousand, annual produce can achieve 90 million yuan.

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