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The zoology of 3 women raises pig standard
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In altitude on many meters 800 Jin Chengshan, a capacious cogongrass thatched cottage establishs Yu Mao in thick woods, we imagine very hard, it is one can encircle the hoggery that raises nearly 100 fat pigs at the same time unexpectedly. More those who call person to surprise is, the feed of hoggery is entirely produce oneself on hill, and pig child can give column 100 days!
Above is the author saved county of high mountain pool in Sichuan a few days ago village of stockaded village of feel uncertain of Yu Feng countryside a 3 groups discovery. Hoggery it may be said a company of real share-holding system collaboration, 3 " partner " it is Yang Shunrong, Long Xiaoling, Jiang Qiongfang respectively. Yang Shunrong this year 46 years old, to take the lead " the old " , it is the watch elder sister of Long Xiaoling's elder brother's wife, Jiang Qiongfang.
In 3 women, yang Shunrong and Long Xiaoling bought storefront on piscine peak countryside, made the business that allows local envy. However, on the high mountain that why should they miss to be married outside in this woman again to raise removed a pig? The matter still must speak of from last year.
November 2007, the situation that pig of opposite of injection of Party committee of piscine peak countryside, government, rasorial market values, arouse actively masses of whole country cadre develops aquaculture. The Yang Shunrong that this lets do business of seed, pesticide on field of piscine peak countryside ate a heart: The deal on countryside field meets only of a day a long time, the others time fritter away is on table-board, still be inferior to using the time that plays a card do breed. She told this one idea to be the same as the Long Xiaoling in the deal on the street, did not think of Long Xiaoling also has the same feeling. After be being measured after many business, two people decide to build pig farm in native place, yang Shunrong pulls the join the gang of cousin Jiang Qiongfang that is the same as a village again.
3 wives say to work. In December 2007, the flag that they get on with hill, arboreous, bamboo and straw are basic material, built very quickly to cover an area of about half mus simple and easy pig farm, purchased 40 commodity pig and 10 gilt in time.
Village of feel uncertain stockaded village is further from field of piscine peak countryside, hill high road is steep, have car pass in and out hardly. 3 sisters adopt Yang Shunrong " backer has mountain " method, on the spot takes pig feed. Mix every morning afternoon, 3 sisters should carry big a basket carried on the back on the back to go out each, cuts completely one basket green grass comes home, cut green grass fines to mix next salt feeds a swine.
Feed a pig to cannot use green grass completely, return so that impose burden. What burden pig to add to just eat spicily? 3 sisters decide him burden. To raising the secret of the pig, yang Shunrong a bit does not have reservation, she is laughing to say: "The corn on hill is much, masson pine is much also, every 100 jins of corn and 10 jins of loose leaves are hit into pink, mix in proportion again on succulence can feed a swine directly -- , we are born namely all the time hello, never had boiled. Never had boiled..
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