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The Chinese inside 3 months can eat on clone pork
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What flavor is clone pork? The effort of Chinese scientist is very quick aux will be able to solves this problem. Chinese scientist expressed in Shenzhen a few days ago, they had adopted manual clone technique, successfully breed gives 8 piggy son, if can realize industrialization smoothly, the customer that aux will be able to invites China eats in next year on clone pork.
Yang Huanming of academician of director of academy of Shenzhen China big gene, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in the 10th China International say on the relevant press conference of Fair of achievement of new and high technology, this year on August 30, in academy of Shenzhen China big gene and Shenzhen farming herd is industrial of limited company give full cooperation below, 8 first Chinese manual clone pigs are planted in Shenzhen city pig farm is born smoothly.
So called " manual clone " having with traditional clone technology very big different. Traditional clone technology needs technical personnel of high end to be below costly instrument equipment, have the operation of meticulous heavy and complicated, cost tall, efficiency is low, but manual clone technology broke through these confine, need simple bit only, add on one pair of a dab hand to be able to handle a success.
Manual clone technology is the new technology that appears in recent years, by international clone and embryonic academia praise for " the revolutionary technology that has epoch-making sense makes progress " . It can accelerate the production of fast, batch of clone animal by right of lower cost and taller efficiency, apply to species especially resourceful but the developing country with scientific research less funds.
"These clone pigs can realize normal birth breed " , yang Huanming expresses, clone pig considers to having important sense, can think human disease model and heterogeneous organ transplanting consider to provide good data on one hand, can serve as on the other hand save the important step that reachs improved and rare breed. China's for instance outstanding place pig is planted, be like " pig of hill of the five fingers " , " on the west double edition Na Xiaoer pig " wait for breed to be able to get more breed. Of course, if clone pig can realize industrialization, with respect to the development that can accelerate stock raising greatly, provide a large number of high grade, cheap pork food for consumer.
Be aimed at our newspaper reporter " clone pork is safe " query, yang Huanming answer says, clone pork is quite safe, large-scale industrialization is produced already be all set, chinese common people is the fastest can eat inside 3 months on clone pork. "Of course, if like have a taste of what is just in season, can have son of these 8 piggy now with me together. " Yang Huanming says for fun.
Shenzhen city farming herd is industrial limited company total assets 350 million yuan, net assets is 180 million yuan, next administer pig farm of 7 large zoology, produce per year kind of pig pig of flesh of 50 thousand head, commodity 300 thousand. Zhang Fuquan of this company general manager tells a reporter, they will be active the industrialization that advances clone pig together because of the academy with Hua Daji.
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