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Anhui hog prices, price of later period pig is bullish
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Price of Hefei live pig 13 yuan / kilogram. Case is in trade price of this locality pork 14-16 yuan / kilogram, retail prices is 18 yuan / kilogram. Hog slaughter quantity has a few to drop. According to report, capacity of live pig for sale is at present more sufficient, partial weight is in 150 kilogram above, because be opposite price of later period pig is bullish, because this is current and wait-and-see psychology is stronger.

Anhui decides value of far live pig 12.4 yuan / kilogram, the price is stabilized basically; Fleshy price 20 yuan / kilogram. The pig source of this locality shambles comes from Shandong area mostly. At present this locality live pig trades the quantity is opposite less, live pig has the appearance of keep long in stock; According to report, weight of partial amount of livestock on hand has achieved 150 kilogram above. At present live pig trades weight is controlled in 125 kilogram mostly. The young pig quote of 25 kilogram is 14 yuan / kilogram.

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